30 Jan 2020





spantrosed from the existing word



omsophubia n; uber ‘phubing’; glued to a hand phone for so long, not only lowers one’s positive, ohm, highbration, it also portends an effect just as tantamount; a drastic reduction in libido drive, and a much lower, sperm count, aka; ‘imphontency’




omsophubia is an ‘Output Mood’, so ‘phub’, that ignoring others by focusing on a hand phone, gives the appearance of one who is more afraid of social, interaction and intimacy than just being, snub nosed rude












verb: phub; 3rd person present: phubs; past tense: phubbed; past participle: phubbed; gerund or present participle: phubbing


1.  ignore (one's companion or companions) in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile




OM Output Mode


OM Oh My


OM;Old Man


OM;Old Miss


OM;Offensive Mood


OM; Ora Masalah


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05 Dec 2016


Image result for fear of castration cartoon

onaboblerbit v; the act of sleeping on the stomach for fear of emasculation (castration)

onaboblerbit n; afraid of waking up without a penis usually because of living and sleeping with an extremely jealous partner who threatens to castrate if she catches infidelity

v; fear of fellatio because of the thought of getting bit


Ona boblerbitch n; a cock chopper; any female who threatens to castrate her man, for any reason



dude, im 'onaboblerbit' !!! she said she'd cut my pecker clean off if she ever caught me cheating"

"So dont cheat!, break up with your 'Ona boblerbitch' now, she's psyco!


ona; without, lacking


ona; to ruin, spoil or to sin
ona; variety of bat
bob (v.1) Look up bob at Dictionary.com

"move with a short, jerking motion," late 14c., probably connected to Middle English bobben "to strike, beat" (late 13c.), perhaps of echoic origin. Another early sense was "to make a fool of, cheat" (early 14c.). Related: Bobbed; bobbing. The sense in bobbing for apples (or cherries) recorded by 1799.



  1. To bob up and down.
  2. (US) To make a mistake in


bobler; one who moves unsteadily side to side

"a horse's tail cut short"

Catherine Kieu Becker

In 2011 when this real (crazy) housewife of Orange County’s husband Glen asked for a divorce, Ms. Becker had what her attorney called a “break from reality.” She spiked his soup with Ambien. When he passed out, she tied him to their marriage bed. She then grabbed a 10-inch kitchen knife. She turned on a tape recorder in their bedroom and taped herself shouting, “You deserve it!” three times before cruelly and brutally dismembering his member and grinding it to tiny penile chunks in their garbage disposal. Glen would never regain his penis nor any meaningful sexual function. He also required surgery just so he’d be able to urinate


Easily the most famous penis-severing aggrieved woman in modern times, this Ecuadorian-born Virginia housewife performed The Slice Heard ’Round The World in 1994 when in a fit of madness, she mercilessly separated her husband from his schvanz. After removing her husband's shlong she left their home—penis in hand—and drove away until she realized she still had his penis in her hand. She threw the bloody phallus into an abandoned field.

Police later found the penis and delivered it in ice to a hospital, where it was reunited with her husband during what was undoubtedly a grueling and hilarious operation.
At trial, she had reported  that her husband routinely raped and abused her. Jurors believed her and found her not guilty by reason of insanity. Both would later be arrested in separate assault incidents.
Her husband would go on to star in two porn films......












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30 Jan 2018


Image result for quotidian cartoon


outqidian v(out-kiddian) to go out and be a kid again, at least a quarter of your day


outqidian n (out-qi-dian, out-kee-dian) of the right amount; a daily dose of, 'meditation and fun' by playing outside the box at least 4 times per day


outqidian v; to engage in at least 4 pleasurable activities is the key to having a heavenly day




outqidian; a prescription; to go outside at least 4 times a day, meditate, and be a kid again








Abbreviation of Latin quater (or quattuor) in die.


QID ‎(not comparable)


(pharmacology) Four times a day






qi m (plural qis)


chi (philosophy) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc. related (but not limited) to breath and circulation




Scottish Gaelic


 dian (comparative dèine)


1. passionate, enthusiastic, zealous, fervent, eager, keen


From Old Occitan dia, from Vulgar Latin *dia, from Latin di?s, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *dy?ws (“heaven, sky”).




dian; devine


ian; gods gift



Not available

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26 Jan 2018


Image result for self-righteous indignation cartoon


outrighteous; outrageous, self-righteous, indignation; contrived outrage that makes ‘fake haters’, sanctimonious hypocrits


outrighteous; to accuse and judge without corroborating evidence, a paroxysm of moral outrage from people not known for a pietistic lifestyle themselves; absence of a hater’s sincerity



"If you describe someone as self-righteous, you disapprove of them because they are convinced that they are right in their beliefs, attitudes, and behavior and that other people are wrong".


"To hear Democrats react to the Trump accusations of impropriety (that are unproven and specifically denied) is just ‘outrighteous’; enough to gag a maggot.


“There is no defense of Trump’s vile, vicious, even vulgar comments but for Democrats and RINOs to weep, whimper, and whine about his statements is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath. 


Trump-haters prefer to focus on his, shall I say, unusual personality, rather than results


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21 Jun 2017


pacer piui-socs n(pronounced as pacer-‘peeyuuee!’socks);  the coolest headed most relaxed confident golfer at a tournament; one who makes it look so easy, like the pro who makes it look like a walk in the park-course, while sipping a cup of jo

 pacer piui-socs n; one who knows a territory more than anyone else; e.g; a club pro, non-competing, marker , who regularly beats the top pros when given the chance to play, ususally called a, ‘golf nerd’ brought in to play with a solo player in order to maintain a reasonable pace for the first tee  

pacer-piui-socks; a club golfer whose brain the top pros want to pick mostly because of their extensive home course knowledge to be played on in an upcoming tournement    

NOTE : When a pacer-piui-socs takes off his shoes, you can tell from the smell hes the one who spends more time on a golf course, especially his home course



 piu more longer


old irish

piu; molad, praise


piu; to move quickly, a brisk pace 

wow that golf nerd marker seems to be better than the pro hes teeing off with

Ya, hes a pacer-piui-socs!!!

You can tell that guy really plays a lot by the smell of his socks, its hard to beat a club pro in his own back yard club house.... and hes also the brain all other pros want to pick...

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21 Jun 2017


pacersipcious adj;  ability to control the degree of arousal levels(physical tension and relaxion states) in any game, by way of, visualization, thus never having to push the intensity to a place that will ruin a master pacer’s abilty to recover for the next round or next day; e.g a relaxed confident golfer who makes it look so easy, like a walk in the park while sipping on a cup of jo

pacersipcious; ability to pace oneself both mentally and physically and to see the outcome of a project or game, especially; golf; e.g.,  a tapscorinator, golfer extremely well practiced, utilizes images to adjust and calibrate appropriate tensions at any time or place,

pacersipcious; to be in the middle of a game, e.g on a golf course, able to quickly conjur a visual of sitting and relaxing at a cafe, images of slowly stirring and sipping the coffee, which helps to control the breathing in a game, enhances a fore-sighted intuition, like having an. ‘all seeing, crystal greens ball’ able to see the ball all the way through the forest and trees, as it makes its way safely into its rightful home,  the hole, the way it was envisioned and originally perceived

pacersipcious; ability to perform at the right physiological levels, keeping from going too high or too low; finding an optimal, sweet spot physical tension level which enhaces the optimal pace in a game. E.g the tension for putting requires a more controlled relaxation vs driving the ball

pacersipcious; fine tuning your focus and mind control by way of thinking in pictures or images, able to control the stream of mental activity, concentration which bolsters a higher mental process, decision making and anticipating future events and their outcomes

pacersipcious; the ability to imagine events and experience them as if they were really happening, self regulating your thoughts thus not only reducing errors and improving your overall golf game, but also improving other areas in life as well



caddy; remember to pace yourself, theres a long way to go?

golfer; ill be as  pacersipcious as i can boss



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19 Dec 2018



palpabrawl adj; the 'palpable' tension right before things start to turn into a heated, nasty, 'brawl', be it physical or verbal

palpable; a feeling or atmosphere so intense as to seem almost tangible 

palpebra; the eye-lid 



"The general vibe of tension inside Vic’s Place that night, with raised voices and flashing palpebra, was “palpabrawl”, the fight that started with just looks and words quickly turned into a rather large brawl" 

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13 Feb 2017

panis wiro

Image result for pay in kindness cartoon  "Panis wiro!! because that's the way wiro!

Heres how it works, I teach, you learn, and then you share it!"

panis wiro;literally;  "I can dare to pay you with my, ‘panis’ (politeness + manis, 'sweetness') because that's how wiro" ('we ro' = 'we roll')

panis wiro; to pay with being ‘polite’ and manis ‘sweet’ at first which can turn into other acts of kindness 

can be an intimate and sweet response to a request for payment or as a bargaining phrase to help get the price down to a reasonable figure

panis; polite + manis ‘sweetnes’

wiro; we 'roll', thats how we ro, or thats how we do things

wi; we, together, yes


ro; peace, tranquility, quiet

RO; Room Only
















hey you still need my help?


how much you dare to pay me?

panis wiro adja dong!!!! If you can take my panis for now! then 'wiro' baby, we're good to go, cause where im from, that's how wiro...!

apa si!!? ahh! puspa! kacau!!! gimanasi!!!?? bule gila!! = you crazy !!"

Im sorry but, no 'panis'?? no ro dong!!!...... dats da way wiro!!














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02 May 2017



 Image result for golfers with balls cartoon

Image result for golfers without balls cartoon\

parscrotinate v (par-scrow-tin-ate); to hold back from going beyond just par, usually because of fear of failure

parscrotinate; a duffer’s prolonged delay of hitting or making ballsier shots, or one who puts off making bolder, more aggressive decisions in life or for whatever is pursued


duffer; an inexperienced person, especially a brand new novice mediocre golfer





I used to shank my balls all the time, I was a constant parscrotinator, couldn’t control the anger and fear

So how were you able to keep from parscrotinating, to now being able to hit ballsier shots that have taken you above and beyond par excellence

I don’t shank my balls anymore! Now before each crucial shot I wash em n shake em, like they were a sack of magic beans, then I make em, like making a wish, I visualize the result of getting it in the hole..... shake n make baby!! Shake n make!! ......You  gotta know when to hold em, know when to wash em, know when to shake them, when the heel shankin’s done........and  you always count your money, period!





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10 Dec 2017


patookong n; tattoo on the boob(payudara) and one on the butt(bokong) origin; the bangpire-bat gang, bar girls, CJ's, Bats in Jakarta, Indonesia


pattoo; tattoo on the payudara(breast)


tookong; tattoo on the bokong(butt)   







dude, better be careful, shes got a 'pattookong', and that means shes a bangpire!

Whats that?

The new vampire, but a bangpire is much worse because they really exist and shell get you to suck her blood, once that happens, its all over!! Shell tear your heart out!!

Just what im looking for bro

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18 Dec 2016


Image result for peace out to my peeps cartoon

paups!(as an interjection/exclamation encouragement or exultation)

'peace out to my peeps!(people)

time to relax, 'smell the roses'

enjoy what is ignored

paups!;  'oops!(ups) 'pardon' me (as an apology)

paups!; flowers of apologies, for being 'gal' (crazy mad insane)

paups!; freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations; roommates living in peace

paups; relating to 'pauper'; 'meek' not 'weak',  appreciating what you are blessed with, achieving as much as possible within the constraints you have.

Consider the first and second Star Wars trilogies; Ask yourself whether more resources always equal more creativity?



paups!; a shout of hurray for finishing something or for destroying a competitor 



pau; peace


  1. (stative) finished, done
  2. destroyed


  1. The time after work. It is considered a time for relaxation, informal socializing with friends and family, and enjoyment.

pau; spotted dragonet (fish)

Norwegian Nynorsk

gal; crazy mad insane wrong incorrect








"wow dude, paups!! im sorry i ate the last slice of pizza!!!"

"Paups!!! no worries"



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23 Jul 2017

Perry Comb-over

Image result for perry comb-over cartoonImage result for perry comb-over cartoon

Perry Comb-over n; an obvious comb-over artist; a very outdated style

Perry Comb-over n; one who cant get over the fact that they are going bald, so they try to comb over their thinning hair to hide the balding areas

Perry Comb-over v; figurative, to 'comb over' the truth because of not being able to handle the truth




Hey Perry Comb-over!! What time you combing over??

Man, just shave dat sht!! Get over it dont comb over it



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09 Nov 2017



  Image result for son of a mitch! cartoon

petit-feggor; AKA; ‘son of a Mitch’; a ‘midget sized’(denoting small body and brain) cheater with no credentials, one who pretends or professes to be an expert in a certain field such as IT, or mechanic in order to dupe someone out of money



petit-feggor; ‘little coward’; the worst, lowest kind of swindler; ‘constipated shyster’(full of crap shyster), one who acts as if they sincerely care, attempting to help, but ends up mitching you in the rear end  




petit; small




feg; coward




mitch; to steal, cheat, pilfer, to be truant(late)












Hey, what happened to that guy you paid to help you with your website?


Oh that guy, he ended up being a ‘petit-feggor’, the worst kind of criminal there is, I’d rather have a crook follow me to my car, bump me on my head, and take my money, its quicker, but a petit-feggor will lead you on for months wasting your time until you realized you’ve been mitched by a little coward who runs away every time…


Wasn’t his name actually ‘Mitch’?


Ya, and then I found out that his father’s name is also ‘Mitch’


So he was a real ‘son of a Mitch’, ya!!!??


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26 Aug 2017

Phoctor Dill

Image result for phoctor dill cartoon

Phoctor Dill n; promiscuous, unsolicited, advice giver to any fool who would listen; a Phoctor of Dillosophy; aka phoolosopher, a certified, Dr Phool with a PHD and PHO

PHD; Phocking Dilldodo-birdbrain, dumb phool, creator of nothing but ‘pho’, dismissive ‘pho’ contempt

PHO; a supposed ‘friend’ who acts more like a dismissive foe(pho) when it comes to offering someone, ‘phocking’ advise, like a Dr Phil, especially regarding how to pick up a ‘phocks’(fox) in order to get laid

Phoctor n; a phony phocks(fox) doctor

Dill; ‘Dr ill’ , a sick inducing fool

PHO; a dismissive, negative, noodle head, foe to a friend’s ideas

Phoolosopher; a philosophizing phooler; a super stupid fool who tries to ruin a friend’s ideas

phool; a friend or fool dressed in flowery clothing

phool; Hindi word for flower

DR Phil-occifer; a know it all, Dr Phil enforcer who shoots down ideas and ‘Phils’ heads with negative, subjective opinions instead of offering constructive criticism or helpful advice

Note; Phoctor Dills usually give advise while drinking alone at bars, never seen successfully catching any phockses


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27 Aug 2017


Image result for pissing contests cartoon

pissinbrata; perpetual, political pissing contest, especially between members on the same team, a waste of time and money

Two-party bickering between, two faced politicians, on both sides, who act more like spoiled children, following peer pressure to maintain a wealthy image

pissin-brata; phony grandstanding brats who go back and forth opposing and praising, flipping and tripping instead of focusing on trying to work together like mates or brothers to make something better like a good stimulus plan instead of wasting time and money


brata; Infested, eg swarming with spoiled children, brats, or swampy slimy creatures

A pissing contest is any argument that just goes back and forth between two individuals but never gets resolved; a contest or rivalry in which the main concern of the parties involved is the conspicuous demonstration of superiority.





Trump's are only chance to stop all the 'pissinbrata' going on thats been  hemorrhaging our country for years

ya, hes the first non politician in history to only, forever beholdin his own peace while going #1, a pissing contest against nobody but himself except for maybe with his son in fun..


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17 Feb 2020


Image result for sexy plum cartoon

plomty adj; plenty of mamasitas, thank you!

PLOM; Plenty Of Mamasitas

TY; Thank You!

TY; Think Young

ty; suffix forming nouns denoting quality or condition such as beautyroyalty.

Well what do think??

Plomty bro!!!! Plenty of Mamasitas, thank You, now Think Young and make use of a CLEVER TONGUE!! 

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15 Jan 2017


Image result for playful flirting cartoonImage result for playful flirting cartoon

plurt; to plurtake in playful, polite flirting; when the flirter already knows the flirtee 'aint free', as in, 'already taken', but regardless, the two happily plurtake in the 'plurting',  until the plurting can't go any further, it actually starts hurting  

plurting; flirting with disaster usually ending with someone getting hurt

plurt; when the flirting turns into cheating and hurting

plurtake; to partake in "plurting"







hey dude did she just lift her skirt??!!

ya and i replied with a plurt!!

Why didn't you keep it going, why were you so curt??!!

Because it started to frikin hurt, that's her boyfriend over there dude, be on the alert, she's just plurting!

plurts sooo good!!







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20 Dec 2017


Image result for elizabeth warren dances with crooks cartoon


polkahauntus(polka-haunt-us); a sad, insincere song and Indian dance, aka ‘a poor-trail of jeers’ that always comes back to haunt us


Indian names


“Dances with Crooks”

“Haunts us with Perjury”


Not available

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20 Dec 2017


Related image

Ponta-chaos;(see cona-opaths) a ‘red dinger’; opposite of ‘dead ringer’

Ponta chaos; puncted by a 'Polka-hauntus'(sing and dance that comes back to haunt you)


Ponta-chaos; someone who doesn’t have enough Native American heritage to claim minority status


Ponta-chaos; (see, ‘shingal-slot’) a fake, one who doesn’t even look anything like the real thing but tries to ‘wing it’ anyway which eventually leads to the chaos or, ‘shit hitting the fans’; a negative controversial result of a claim that ends up damaging one’s credibility rather than bolstering it


One who causes controversy for claiming to be a minority in order to use an unfair advantage by exploiting unsubstantiated ethnic roots, especially politicians and lawmakers; ie Elizabeth Warren



ponta m f (plural pontas)


  1. (soccer) winger


Old Portuguese






puncta; punctum,

punctus or punctum


  1. pricked, punctured, pierced, having been pricked.
  2. marked with points; stippled.
  3. stung, bitten, pinched, having been affected sensibly.
  4. vexed, annoyed, grieved, troubled, disturbed, having been vexed or annoyed.




red dinger; a cracked shot attempting to claim being a minority native indian  


Hey did you hear the one about the rodeo clown, a poverty pimp and a cherokee Indian walk into a bar?

No, what happened?

It was a 'Ponta-Chaos'; after their sing and dance, they left the bar without paying the bill, realizing youd been punct by a 'polka-hauntaus'

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11 Sep 2017


Related image


poor-flay or poorflayed v; to ‘get flayed’(metaphorically) instead of, ‘getting laid’; no longer able to click with one you thought was your soul mate 

When a lover starts to pester and or criticize, until their victim is severely, ‘over roasted’, destroying any, ‘hot’ mood there was of ‘getting laid’ any more

poorflayed; when the foreplay stops, and turns into poorflay, the love starts to hurt as if giving yourself up to be flayed, the love one thought they saw in their lover was really just a mirage, realizing theyd been played and flayed alive, all along 

poorflay; insensitive harsh hammering, ‘peavey-hitting’, activity that precedes sexual intercourse, void of any sensual, ‘heavy petting’ stimulation that seemed to be there at the begining of the relationship(but was really just a bait) which is a clear indication or warning that one should immediately end the relationship

The profile of a poorflayer slayer is usually a guy who starts out baiting their victims by acting like the perfect guy but then starts turning into an inconsiderate, selfish, "apeman-asan"(quick, hit and run, mean sex, without any, foreplay) type of lover with a personality that jumps back and forth like a dr jekel/mr hyde, tool; a psyco or sociopath whose gorilla bullying, narcissistic, king kong, never wrong, attitude, becomes so well known, that eventually he can’t even bait a street hooker 


peavy; being on a whole different level. it cant even be called a normal word with just one meaning. its too complicated urban dictionary

insecure, jealous, low-life. Very manipulative and will go after anyone who gets in his/her way. Also known to be abusive and sociopathic.


"You know that guy I used to date? He was a Peavy". Urban dictionary


a tool an offensive comment, mainly aimed towards the male of the species, when one is being particularly nasty, stupid, or facetious urbandictionary




flay v; to criticise someone or something in a very severe or cruel way  

flay; to remove the outer layer of something, usually the skin of an animal   

 flay; to be skinned alive(metaphorically)





hun please let me in, ive changed, ill do anything you want, im sorry for all the poorflaying; the wicked hurtful things i did to u!! If i promise to give you the long foreplay you like, then will you let me in??

Im a 'flayed not' creep!!! Now get lost!!!!




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08 May 2017


pornasictater(porn-assic-tater); aka, ‘The master-tater’, (male or female); exemplar of the mantra he or she who hesitates, masterbates; usually one who pornasictates, doesnt attempt to accomplish anything, rarely going outside the house to meet anyone, so ends up being known as a,  ‘sick, stay-homer, porn watching, couch potato, loner boner, stoner



hey whatever happened to your friend Donald ?

Ya he donald ducked outta sight and mind after that last break-up..  He's been pornasictating in his room for so long they call him the 'pornasictater' a sick addiction to not trying to live anymore, a master 'hesitater', only wants to be a lazy stay home 'porn' watchin couch potato, its pretty sad.. 


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28 Oct 2017

Prances Obama

Related image

 Prances Obama; the most 'prancy pants', 'bi-pratisan', ass-kissing president ever 

prance;prance late 14c., originally of horses, perhaps related to M.E. pranken "to show off," from M.Du. pronken "to strut, parade" (see prank); or perhaps from Dan. dialectal prandse "to go in a stately manner."






hey prancy pants!! waz up?


Obama; Hey!! have some respect!! I believe you still have to call me "president"!


Oops my bad!!  "Mr Prancident"??


wrong again! Its President!!


how about "Pepsodent!?" your teeth are white house, ill give you that


Thank you but no thanks, its just "President"


How about, 'Prances Guy' ??


Whats wrong with you, that sounds gay!! Read my lips, "President"

ok, how about

"Precedence Obama", its the best i can do

Why is that??

Because your biggest legacy was setting a 'precedence' as the least transparent, (ratsenprancy) president ever  


Obama; ok, can you call me

"Princedent", like my 8 years of purple reigned..?

Yaaa, but your sing and dance sucked Obama, so my final best offer is, since you are master prancer, prince of asskissing darkness how about

Princass Guy-Sir Prance-alot??

But i dont even have a horse?!

You dont need one, you already prance around struttin your stuff like a shiny shitlen phony


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15 Jan 2018



pretrumptuous; powerful, righteous, presumption that is so consistantly right it doesnt seem proper, usually from one who takes the x-factors of momentum and winning into account


pretrumptive; a presumptive winning streak; the presumptive winner; usually the one who is doing the presuming is most brazen, ends up trumping them all, infuriating even further the opposition 






P"resident Trump has the right to be ‘pretrumptuous’ because more than often, when it really counts, he’s right; a ‘pretrumptive’ force (most often, presuming right (correctly) the presumptive winner, in one word, ‘pre-trumptive’) one to be reckoned with unlike never before


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28 Feb 2017


Image result for colin farrell cartoon

pryktonite n; a guy’s super power chick magnet weapon used to attract and detract women ; can be a woman’s, 'Achilles heel' against men

The power of pryktonite is a woman's greatest weakness, in spite of her overall strength against men, which can lead to her downfall.

pryk; a nice guy who gets called a prick by a prying, pushy, gold digging chick just because he won’t respond to her advances and game

A ‘pryk’ is not the derogatory jerk-wad,‘prick’, just a guy who minds his own business  

By using the power of pryktonite, or to be a, pryktonite can win over women like the power Superman has over them

'pryktonite' means; to exude extreme confidence , liking yourself, knowing where you are headed, with a clear goal in mind and then going after it, a 'pryk' is not an arrogant ego inflated jerk wad

Pryktonite power wards off women who are users as they woudnt even dare the thought of trying because the pryktonite power is too strong, the users sense it and so are quickly repelled. So the user will settle for the easier ‘nice guy’ target and then the miserable nice guys suffer later

Pryks aren’t necessarily bad people, they just get called pricks because they're the opposite of nice guys, as the saying goes, the bad boys get the girls, and the good girls  like the ‘pryks’





sexy girl at bar; hey how bout a drink?

Colin; Thanks but no thanks

friends questioning sexy girl; So what happened??

sexy girl; Never mind him, he's a prick

Ya and hes probably a gay child  molester too!!....

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08 Apr 2020

pucker sunch

‘pucker sunch’ spantrosed by


‘sucker punch’


MRW Mom Tries to Kiss Me Goodbye in Front of Friends - GIF on Imgur


pucker sunch n;  'sucker punch' a virus to smitherines

via having, ‘sunch’(lunch with the Sun); ‘Sun kissed’; an unexpected blow of 'heat', via, beautifully, vibrating, UV, Ultra-Violet, Virus killing, rays of the sun(in any outdoor place) for at least 16 minutes, is like a lethal, ‘sucker punch’ to any sucker virus face  


pucker sunch v; ‘puckering up, to kiss the sun’(sunbathing 16 minutes or more per day) is a devastating, kiss goodbye, sucker punch to any sucker virus that may come




“Heat kills any virus it depends on how high of temperature, for how long, humidity conditions,” Dr.Orient said. “So it does kill coronavirus I’m sure just like other viruses.”

wavelengths of light  kill flu viruses suspended in the air.

The radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from making more copies of themselves.


When scientists analysed hospital admission records in Brazil, they found that the number of flu cases tended to go up during the burning season, when there is more smoke in the atmosphere from forest fires and the UV in sunlight is diluted.

artificially produced UV-Corona has become a staple method of sterilisation – one used in hospitals, airplanes, offices, and factories every day.



UVC is now on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.


"Hey, how bout some 'sunch'!!??

Ya im up for some 'pucker sunch', lets go get us some! Cant wait to sock that virus to smitherines, dust it, right back out to 'F corona' space, come, kindom come !! "


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27 Feb 2017


Image result for spreading rumors when you mean to hurt them

purtm v; to spread gossip when the 'purpose is to hurt them with dirt' which is another form of bullying; especially trying to purposly hurt a powerful winner

people causing hurt by gossiping, when there’s no way of knowing for sure what is true or not; people spreading rumors by telling lies about people they don’t like

purtm; the attempt to hurt someone ‘pure’(righteous) and‘pert’(lively alert cheerful bright)  by gossiping, spreading dirt on them as they like to spread damaging information or intimate details about other people

Some people especially like it when they hear something that makes someone look bad

The most dangerous part about gossip or ‘purtm’ is that it steals their reputation. A reputation is very fragile. When you gossip you ‘purtm’; you are helping to destroy something extremely valuable.






Did you hear about Trump!? He's having secret underground kkk satanic meetings with Putin to plan to destroy the world as we know it just so he can make more money


Where did you here that?

My good friend, media buzz feeds and sound bites

Youre just trying to purtm, and youre wearing a shirt that says 'Hilary or nothing' on the front and 'Romney rules' on the back! So Im not listening to you anymore, youre an idiot!




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by truble

25 Oct 2019


Image result for quipie cartoon


quipie v (quipee); to engage in the inter-coursing of witty, quippy words, for a very short period of time


quippy (comparative quippier, superlative quippiest)


  1. Joky; inclined to or characterised by quipping.







how about a quipie??




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by truble

15 Mar 2020



Image result for quarantining the Corona cartoon

quoronatine; aka ‘self-quoronatined’(or Corona-tine)

to quarantine oneself from any ‘bad, ‘corona’, energy’, such as any person who would believe everything they read or hear, especially from the media or news, then kick back, relax, kill a Corona by giving yourselves a brorona, finally, admonish all the, dirty, ‘rona’, by saying,

‘leave me the hella-lona with all that dang, ‘flang’ flu they call "corona", its all a bunch a frikin bologna!!!!


quo or ‘quoth’; to say, or ‘admonish’,ie admonishing the, ‘rona’> the ‘grime’, ‘the ‘sludge’,  the ‘meanness’, the ‘grudge’ and their ‘dirty tricks’


roña f (plural roñas)

1.    dirtgrime

2.    rust

Synonyms: herrumbreorín

3.    meanness

Synonym: tacañería

4.    mange (disease)

5.    grudge (against someone)

Synonym: ojeriza

6.    trick



tine; tiny, fire, affliction



2,600 died so far from corona virus……. In 2020 there have been so far 13 million influenza cases, and 6,600 died


The percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza also increased from 6.0% to 6.9%, but remains below the epidemic threshold


 As of Wednesday, Chinese authorities report that nearly 6,000 cases have been reported, including 132 deaths. That's a death rate of about 2% -- roughly similar to that seen with the, ‘flang’ the ‘dang flu’


There are reported to be some 1 billion influenza infections worldwide each year, with up to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year, tens of thousands of U.S. deaths, and 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide.




Influenza has likely been around for more than 2,000 years. Scientists say the “novel influenza A viruses” in humans lead to a pandemic approximately once every 40 years. But, again, flu vaccines exist. “The flu has been with us since the birth of modern medicine,” said Adalja.


Hippocrates of Kos, the Greek physician who was born around 460 BC, mentioned what we now know as the modern influenza virus in his writings, some historians say. He called it the “Fever of Perinthus.” Others wonder whether this was flu, another illness, or a combination of illnesses.


Cuoronatine enforc-her

"Excuse me mam you look like you need to be quoronatined!!  R u at least 18?"

Sexy 18yr old

"Yes I am. But what did i do?"

"Nothing yet,,,, we gotta get some Corona first then we'll need a room...its for your own safety"

"What should i tell my boss and friends?"

"Tell them youll be tied up for days, quoronatined."....


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24 Oct 2018



racepist  n, adj (also, racepisst, race-pissed);

still pissed from losing the last race, especially referring to Liberals losing against the Right.


A racepist now calls any good person who supports Trump a "racist and rapist" eventhough they are not racist and have never even thought about raping someone



PIST; Post Idiot Stomachers Truss (truss---To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce) upon.

PIST Percentage of Idiots Satisfying Themselves





can you believe how ‘racepist’ the liberals have become?




The Lobbits are just leaving their Legacy Of Bluetality because they were so badly Trump humped, dumped and stumped,…






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by artigs

09 Oct 2019


Image result for mom smoking weed cartoon

rajmauina adj(raj-mau-ina); there is no higher reign for one who can enjoy a joint with their mother; or just to have a joint alone in memory of mom, missing mom while she reigns in heaven

rajmauina n; spiritual parents, intelligent enough not to have believed in a governments evil reefer madness propoganda that marijuana is a dangerous drug that makes people crazy


From Hindi (royalty, kingship, sovereignty, empire).

raj; Reign; rule.

raj (uncountable)


Indonesian./ Ternate

mau; want



  1. to want, to desire
  2. (auxiliary) will





  1. (stative) always, perpetual
  2. (stative) to continue

Rapa Nui

mau; supreme


mau; much


German/ Portuguese

mau; evil, bad



dude you're moms so cool, you're so lucky!!

ya, rajmauina for sure!!

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09 May 2017


ratscoinapter!; used to express annoyance because of creative hesitation; e.g., to think of a new idea about anything, especially coining new words and app ideas but because of hesitating too long to actually legally retain the idea, you find someone else had already officially created it via some form of publication

ratscoinapter n; one who is terrible at setting goals and fulfilling them but is a master of ideas, hesitation and being a coward

ratscoinapter; to have a creative idea, kept in secret(usually for a long period of time) and for one not to share the idea with anyone, not even closest friends or family, for fear of someone else stealing the idea, but then to one day discover someone else had the same light bulb go off in their brain, but the only difference is that they went out and executed the idea

ratscoinapter; a bolted, wide awake, blood pumping, panic that courses through the veins when one finds out their idea or invention had already been taken, usually causing the hesitater to, go ballistic, throwing and punching things, yelling and screaming out expletives, aching with regret, envy, and a prolonged bout with insomnia 





There are countless stories of people(artists) experiencing ratscoinapter mostly because of the fear of failure and shame. So to combat this self destructive instinct an artist can keep some kind of inspirational quote close to them, something powerful enough to keep you going, such as the quote below by Goeth   


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events ensues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”



I cant beleive it!! Someone already created my idea!!

Ratscoinapter bro!! You cant hesitate when you think of new ideas, or new words, you gotta coin it right away by publishing it, not "apter" someone else does

Ya youre 'appsolutely' right!! ratscoinapter!! big time, i had 12 years to execute my idea but failed to do so, so its all me on me.. never again!! 





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27 Feb 2020


ratsenprancy spantrosed from transparency



Image result for rats and prancy pants obama cartoon

 ratsenprancy n; a ‘deep opaque fake’, far from being transparent; lead by a ‘prancident’, a ‘prancy pants, president whose precedent was being able to make people believe he and all his vermin, under him were transparent


precident n; a president who creates some kind of precedent, good or bad


prancident; a president who prances around like a good, doctor doolittle while actually doing very little but leaving a country with mostly negative, the worst precedents ever 


Prancident Obama certainly started a precedent as prancident!

What was that?

It was all just swampy, muddy,  ratsenprancy, definitely no transparency...

Until the most Trumpmendus, Trumpsparent, real transparency administration and president came along!


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14 Jan 2020


Image result for smelly room cartoon

raubumau; ‘nose blindness’, or ‘sensory adaptation’ to one’s own room; when a nose adapts to smells, it’s gotten so used to the odors, other people may think the room stinks like a high school boys’ locker room or an oversize, smelly sneaker


The ‘raubumau’ phenomena is so robust, it’s why people go on vacation and come back and say, ‘Oh, it’s so musty in here


raubumau (raububerfall, cleaning raid) ; (originating in Indonesia)an 'SOS' Severe Odor Smelly distress!

raubumau;  literally; ‘smelly room(rau; ‘ruma bau’)it's time!! momma(bu), I want( Aku 'mau')you to take away(rauben)the smell, clean it(bersih itu)now!”



rau; ruma + bau(room, stinks) 

raub; ruma bau, bu, bole bersih ruma, itu bau 

translate> the house/room smells, momma mia!, clean the room, it smells




rauben; take away

raububerfall; raid


u-mau; udah, I want


UMAU; Urgent Maid Aid Unit









Oh my gosh!! Raubumau!!! If I can smell the stench of my own pig sty room, and how!!, most likely means, it’s way past time to clean it, it’s time for an, Urgent Maid Aid Unit, raububerfall, cleaning raid, now!!!

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12 Aug 2019


Related image



to be so extremely stoned, having a blast in the same café for days, you actually forget to see, 'Rembrandt' while in Amsterdam


Note; Actually, Rembrandt never went anywhere outside of Amsterdam, for good reason because he didn't have to, he could get anything he wanted there. 




At Bulldogs, Amsterdam






tarbander(weed/hash bartender, banning anything containing, 'tar');


What can I get you sir?


How about some amnesia Haze?


Ok, but after smoking this, you won’t remember to visit, ‘Rembrandt’ or any other Museums…… it’s called a,


 “Remembercandt!!”, Netherlands…….. it happens all the time!


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31 Jan 2017



Image result for to ruin oneself cartoon

‘God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time’


rewenai n; 'dill' fated, repeated decisions that eventually ruin; Olympic level stupid

rewenai; a man’s consistant and conscious acts of stupidity that eventually ruin lives usually because of an out of control, 'ai' penis; much worse than being a dick

rewenai; one once judged as rational and intelligent but turns out to be unashamedly stupid.

Note the word, ‘rewenai’ can be used between dudes as a, ‘REW’, a ‘Reminder Early Warning’ to not let the ‘ai’, as in ‘one eyed snake’ ruin a life!

rew; variant of ‘rue’, have sorrow, regret

rew; a ‘sexcession’ of dumb indescretions; in a row

REW; Reminder, Early Warning


ai; he

Apalai  a Caribian language spoken in Brazil. Approximately 450 people speak Apalai

ai; penis








bro, rewenai!! rewenai!!, time to go home, its late and you've had one too many already, so skip the strip club!! you got way too much to lose!! Its not worth it!!

Ya, you're right!!! thanks for the rewenai!!

No worries thats what friends are for!








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by truble

15 Sep 2018



Related image


rife; ‘ride life’; one dream, one ‘rife’; a scooby doobie do, 'tha'ts rife!', dont let life ride you kind of life

rife; the ‘ride of your life’

rife 101; ride life, don’t let life ride you, as a life well, ‘lide’, is like a life lived in a zoo

‘rife’ eliminates strife

‘rife’s ‘fier’ power can be used in many ways from

burning out the rif rafs, to lighting reefers etc

rife; right to light a reefer



Not available

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by artigs

19 Feb 2017


Image result for the smell of weed makes me sick cartoon

rifolero; extremely sensitive to the smell of reefer, mostly because of psychological aspects of cannibus being perceived as a bad ‘drug’when in fact alcohol is actually the most dangerous poison of all

rifolero; an annoying 'bust machine'

ewww!! mmmm, That smell is gross!!

Youre crazy!!! Smunk is wonderful!!! Youre just a rifolero!!!

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by truble

17 Jan 2018

rigally sclewed


rigally sclewed(rig-ally-sclewd) 'ripped off and given the boot by a more powerful,  rigged, legal system that fights against you, an evolved, ‘whoever has the biggest stick wins’, that is now, whoever has the highest paid lawyer, wins, with the advantage that no matter how much you use a lawyer, it won't snap into pieces as nobody seems to really care whether you actually did anything wrong 

Unfortunately, if you don't happen to be the wealthy sort, the system is stacked against you and you will be ‘ex-sclew-dead’, rigally!



rigally; royally ripped off by a rigged legal system




sclewed; one way street to being properly and royally screwed by an American justice, so called legal system that doesn't care less about principles 


So your elderly mother who  clearly got robbed, cheated out of many thousands by Lifestyle lift/aka Fresh Image, Chase Bank and Clear Choice and the attorneys cant do anything!!??

Nope! She's 'rigally sclewed', ex-sclewdead!! And even if she died it wouldnt be enough for her to win because the big guns control the attorneys bro....

What a 4th world country we live in!

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by artigs

13 Dec 2017


Image result for rigmarole cartoon


‘rigmarolled’ v; to get rolled, (robbed) through a series of long rigmarole stories, excuses in order to delay, or avoid, usually from people who have promised to either complete a service or to pay back a loan but never intended to pay it back 




Hey whats going on with the website??


Its been over a year of excuses, a variety of long winded stories each time, from the guy I paid and now I finally realized, ive been rigmarolled!!! 


reveal "rigmarolled"

22 Jan 2017