13 Feb 2017

panis wiro


Image result for pay in kindness cartoon  "Panis wiro!! because that's the way wiro!

Heres how it works, I teach, you learn, and then you share it!"

panis wiro;literally;  "I can dare to pay you with my, ‘panis’ (politeness + manis, 'sweetness') because that's how wiro" ('we ro' = 'we roll')

panis wiro; to pay with being ‘polite’ and manis ‘sweet’ at first which can turn into other acts of kindness 

can be an intimate and sweet response to a request for payment or as a bargaining phrase to help get the price down to a reasonable figure

panis; polite + manis ‘sweetnes’

wiro; we 'roll', thats how we ro, or thats how we do things

wi; we, together, yes


ro; peace, tranquility, quiet

RO; Room Only
















Example use

hey you still need my help?


how much you dare to pay me?

panis wiro adja dong!!!! If you can take my panis for now! then 'wiro' baby, we're good to go, cause where im from, that's how wiro...!

apa si!!? ahh! puspa! kacau!!! gimanasi!!!?? bule gila!! = you crazy !!"

Im sorry but, no 'panis'?? no ro dong!!!...... dats da way wiro!!














Word came from

wani piro; how much you dare to pay, from Javanese

Image result for wani piro cartoon

 wani; berani; dare 

piro; berapa; how much













by truble