12 Feb 2017

doles wong


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doles wong(dol-es-wong, or ‘do less wong’); stop asking for the dollars! At least do less of it. Stop doling out the pain!

doles; ‘selod’(slowed)to a stop

DOL-es wong; Dream On Loser

doles wong! ‘Jangan minta duit lagi!’

doles; do less

When to use   “doles wong”or  ‘doles’ ?

Use “doles wong” when it concerns, ‘wong’ ‘uang’(money, dollars) when bargaining, especially for expatriates in Philipines or Indonesia or while in other countries where the value of the US dollar is high

Use “doles ” when you want someone to not just slow down but to stop doing what they are doing because you don’t like what they are doing


doles; to stop causing ‘dol’ (greif, or pain)

doles; (dol-less)to decrease the ‘dol’ or pain by an even more slowed down ‘woles’(slow or slowly)

Latin/ Catalan

dol' sorrow, pain; doldre; to hur; dolus; trickery deception; evil intent, embracing malice and fraud


dol; crazy

Old English

dol; foolish





Example use

“please mister!! beli dong!! beli dong!!!

buy it for me please… give me dolla give me dolla!!!!"

“good grief!!  doles wong! doles wong!!!”









Word came from

woles dong! slow down, take it easy, from bahasa Indonesia and filipino

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by truble