05 Apr 2022

muck this fask!


muck this fask!! The ‘frikin cricken, corona covid mask’ that only contributed to causing a more sick and furious world The fask and furious, frikin mask that made so many even sicker as it only helped to muck up the whole world causing many to believe in their, demonic, fake, political dempanic schtick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- muck; moldy, musty, swampy, filthy, pigsty, mucus snot, fask; a mask for a frikin, cricken, a corona covid mask wearing chicken, that only helped to muck up the whole world like never before Fask; frikin cricken mask

Example use

America really made a fask and furious muckery of the entire world this time !! Ya, muck this fask!! Im so sick, it makes me gasp!

Word came from

''F' this mask'.> muck this fask