14 Jan 2022



khuainteen; pronounced as kway-inteen) aka Coronateen; quarantined in a room, with your sweet thing(make sure shes at least 18:), along with plenty of cold brew ie Corona beer, with lemon/lime slices, and any other proclivity devices one wishes to bring........... 'khuai', in Assamese means; feed, cause to consume In Chinese khuaile(sounds like, "hi-love" means Happy joyful cheerful, In Bangkok khuai(kway) means sex

Example use

"Yo bro hows the quarantine?" I had a dream last night ..... I was khuainteened with a sexy movie star called Harlot Scolhansson!!!,. she said, "hey mr! youre handsome!!! ... then I iwoke up,, i found i was using my "hand-some........thinking of Scarlett Johansson"!!

Word came from

Quarantine/Corona/Teenager- khuai in bangkok means sex, in Chinese means consume khuai pronounced as huala(sounds like 'hey-love')'