07 Jan 2022



khuaintine; to be totally screwed by being quarantined (originating in Thailand as, 'khuai', is the 'f' word in Thai) khuainteen; aka Coronateen; quarantined in a room, with your sweet thing, along with plenty of cold brew ie Corona beer, with lemon/lime slices, and any other proclivity devices one wishes 'khuai', in Assamese means; feed, cause to consume

Example use

Yo bro, how's Thailand, are you still quarantined? No, but its so dead here from the lock downs and travel restrictions, im totally, khuaintined!!! No khuai!!??!!? Yes khuaid! Im totally khuaid.. Might as well call me, Dennis Khuaid!!

Word came from

khuai + quarantined