31 Dec 2021



NGEntleman; Next Generation Expat, a more mellow gentleman, one who has been, ‘ngentaught’, very well, living in a foreign country that treats him like a rock star, whereas in his own country, he’s just a rock, a siiting duck or a moving target

Example use

Back in USA................... An American, in gun laden, Texas.......................... “Hey, dude, I missed you!! NGENtleman, recently returning to usa after a long period of time........ “Wow! That’s nice of you, I missed you too!,heehee, do I even know you?” American No, I said "I missed you!’ asshole! I tried to shoot you with my gun but you wont stay still, and that was my last bullet!!" NGENtleman Why did you try to shoot me? What did I do wrong? American Nothing asshole, I just wanted to shoot you…welcome to America!! NGENtleman I guess he’s not a NGENtleman yet, he seriously needs to get laid!!…. Old Irish ngen , eclipsed form of ‘gen’ gen; smile laugh, levity Koko-Bera ngen; we/you NGEN; Next Generation Enter-prize, Indonesian Ka + ngen(kangen) = longing for

Word came from

ngewe + gentlemam, Next Generation Gentleman ; = a more mellow gentleman, NGENtleman