28 Nov 2021



The new word, 'binjagan' was spantrosed from the existing Indonesian word, 'bajingan'- which means 'bastard'-----------------------------binjagan n; literally, “my perfect little son(‘bin’, Arabic) or daughter, from the Universe(jagan, Sanskrit, the Mother of all Languages)”, not at all an evil little, ‘bajingan’(bastard)----------------binjagan; although, not being born to a mother and a father, a legally married husband and wife, is still very capable of making something of himself/herself, having a perfectly normal and wonderful life The real, ‘bastards’, born with sin, would be the ones who disregarded the baby like throwing away garbage, in a trash ‘bin’(English word for ‘trash can’).

Example use

Hey did you know that in the United Staes almost half the births that occur annually are considered Illegitimate?---------------Really!?? I knew there were a lot of bastards in this country but i didnt think it would be that much.--------------- Thats because all those illegitimate children were born as 'binjagans', perfect children from the Universe(God) the only illegitimate ones are the bastards that choose to be evil assholes"

Word came from

bajingan; an Indonesian word for bastard(illegitimate child)
Note; there are only pejorative words to describe a child born without parents ie bastard, illegitimate child, bar sinister, whoreson, love child etc..