26 Nov 2021



The new word, ‘bolacrige’ was spantrosed from, ‘bricolage’, an existing, French word, borrowed by the English language bolacrige n; any bricolage, hand-made, ‘game’, invented and engineered in one’s crib bola; ball game crige; crib + GE = Crib Game Evolution

Example use

Lyle, "yo, Butler! Lets go hang gliding off Choctaw ridge!!?? Butler, "If we do that, we might as well just jump off the Tallahassi bridge! You know aint no good ever comes from Choctaw ridge!!?.. Na..ill pass on the ridge, but Im up for trying the newest, Aarondynamically built, ‘bolacrige’ Lyle, Ya, youre right, those bolacrige games are really cool,,, Aarron must of gone to some kind of, Mcgiver-Stoney Tark, bricolage, school!

Word came from

bricolage;in art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.