09 Nov 2021



dellingerents; deliverance + belligerent + parents Having love for the parents, even through all their belligerents, is like a kind of deliverance, except that Burt Reynolds was able to escape.. Theres no escape from delligerents Aka “pooh-back time” (like ‘payback’ but concerning the mom who had to change your shorts, and put up with all your sh** first) Time in one’s life when the oxytocin hormone of love starts to really kick in….. recalling parents loving you in your own deliverance, keeps you hopelessly devoted to them, even throughout all their belligerence

Example use

How do you handle taking care of the parents through all their belligerents? > Its called delligerents!! theres no escape!!

Word came from

Blending belligerents with deliverance and parents