09 Nov 2021



snunoche spantrosed from 'nonesuch' snunoche; literally, “no chance, I be gone! buenos noche, “snu-snu-Amazon”!! snus snu; meaning, “Death by sex” when the female is considerably larger than the male.

Example use

From the 2001 episode "Amazon Women in the Mood" of the American animated television show Futurama, in which a race of giant Amazonian women kill men with sex, which they call "snu-snu." Endless sex forced on a man by a variety of women usually resulting in the death of the man. From Futurama episode in which the main characters are condemned to "Death by Snu-snu!" by a alien matriarchal society, ignorant of the earthling male's view of this as a most fitting death. -"W-what happened to these people?" he asked looking at skeleton's with crushed pelvis bones. --"They were condemned to die by snu-snu!" -"YAY! Snu-snu!! snu snu (uncountable) 1. (slang, humorous) Sexual intercourse with a tall/muscular woman. norwegan snu (imperative snu, present tense snur, passive snus, simple past snudde, past participle snudd, present participle snuende) snu; to turn (around snu tilbake - to turn back NOCHE; No Chance, Buenos Noche Noch, short for panocha...female genitalia Old Spanish noch f (plural noches) 1. Apocopic form of noche (“night”) That tall chick was checking you out bro!! Snunoche, snunoche bro!!!

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