20 Mar 2021

Pelovid 20


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Pelovid 20; Aka The 'Nasty Pelovid' 20, 20 x more dangerous and painful than the covid, from having to listen to Very Ignorant Democrats(VIDs) ie; Pelosi and all her VIDS, aka Nancy's VIDS

Unfortunately for people who must listen to these Very Ignorant Dems for even a short period of time, it can be a horrible  hair raisin event where one is turned into, a vicious vindictive person who experiences sudden outbursts or tantrums to the point where they will pull out their own hair


Following coronavirus restrictions and wearing masks is of vital importance during the pandemic. Unless you’re a member of the Democratic elite and these protocols are inconvenient — then it’s all about you and your needs.


The notion that Pelosi allegedly relied on a salon stylist to apprise her of coronavirus restrictions is worrying on a few levels: For one, it speaks to either ignorance or deliberate obtuseness as to the rules in her own district, it skirts the question “Why didn’t a staff member look them up?” and smacks of elitism and entitlement.

smacks of elitism and entitlement.

That’s a hair-raising combination.


Example use

Did you hear about the newest strain???

No what is it?

Its called the Pelovid 20........ and this one is real, and nasty!

Word came from

Nancy Pelosi + covid = Pelovid