28 Oct 2020




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Sheliden; aka; “Schiff Sheliden away”

Schiff-Shumer-Harris-Pelosi, aligned with Biden, aka, the “Sheliden Adventure”,

schiff sheliden away; a phrase that describes a post seashell party of, sea-Dem-donkey, friends, lost at sea, without a compass or a map, an adventure that turns into a, shell-shocked, 2 party division between, the Harnburners and the Bunkers, both empty party shells, full of crap.

The Harnburners representing a pissed off, hell raising, Barnburning, Harris and Pelosi faction,

The Bunkers consisting of Schiff, Shumer and Biden, already practically in traction,

the 2 sides hunkering down in perpetual absence, disappearing without a trace, beyond the horizon, hiding in a secrete, Biden, Bunker-ship, d-basement place,

where they all consume magic mushrooms, to try making sense of their losing face, fate, and for the sake of their nation, but instead, end up engulfed in a monsoon of, pallucinations, political pals, having a paranoia, of misfits in hallucinations,

Schumer and Biden’s, final taco fest, with a pie in the face, prognostication;

a shroomerous, last tango goodbye with, ‘Parris’, a hell of a fight with, ‘Pelosi-Harris’, both sides bunkering down,

for the final, round starting with a Belowsi; a saving face, faco, test, between Biden and Pelosi,

so that the Harnburners and Bunkers, could at least say one side of their party, walked away with a win,

But, as soon as they let the pie throwing, in the face, "pieden, adventure", party begin,

the Bunkers, found it was just no match, as fighting against the Harnburner’s, piss n vinegar fury, a pocket full of pelosi, is like a one punch, radical, Hellosi, scratch,

so to their chagrin, knowing very well, the quagmire they were in, without their 3rd wheel, deck hand, Schiff head, navigator, who they needed in order to seal the win, the one responsible for losing the compass and map, had already jumped ship, without being able to swim, is when

the Bunkers realized that even though how badly they got Trumped, were actually quite delighted, tickled pink, even sporting a grin, from the thought of knowing that their, Schiff would never, ever, be coming in.  



Example use

Dude, its,'sheliden time!', we are schiff sheliden away!!!!', its time to jump this ship and join the Dali Lama!

Why is that? 

Because we are not only way off course, the sheliden adventure ship we are on was built by frickin, Obama!

Oh momma!!

Word came from

Schiff-Shumer-Harris-Pelosi, aligned with Biden