24 Sep 2020




"gloquaminence" spantrosed from "magniloquence"


gloquaminence n; aka, a, 'glow off'; a magnificent, cool, quality of terseness; the eloquence’ of one who emits, a balanced, ebb and flow, of positive thoughts and ideas, using very few words, is one with a very high, resodance, glow, or gloquaminence, the antonym to magniloquence     


gloquaminent adj; the magnificent, eloquence found in, one’s, terseness; a laconic, ‘glow-off’, opposite, a pompous, magniloquent, blowhard, ‘show off’


gloquaminent; one believed to be precious, having a rare quality in character that people find most trust worthy, the highest vibrating, empath, kind of person, or friend, one could ever find


magniloquence; a long winded, low vibrating, requisition from a show-off





(astronomy) A situation in which the directions of two celestial bodies (or a celestial body and the Sun) form a right-angle from the perspective of the observer.





glo; to believe


1.                to stare

2.                to glare

3.                to gogglegapegawpgawk



Glo; to stare,  glare, to gogglegapegawpgawk


quam; by what or which way?


Qua; quality and a significant quantity of quality


Qua; by virtue of

qua; corners of turns, and bends, the periods, and terms of rounds, between people, strangers, family and friends  






Quam; in what way


Qua; in the capacity of being here, in the now, in the know; a lot of quality

Example use

Hello your ‘gloquaminence’!!! You know your, high vibrating, magnificently, glowing, eloquence of presence, is simply divine, providence!!!

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