24 Sep 2020




resodance v; to increase the 'resonance' in a 'residence'.

resodancing n; resonating, residents, steeped in a dance of unconditional love, the highest emotional vibration in evidence; part of a, ‘chima’ wave,

Chimate clange, of higher, vibrating words, that chime in, beautiful acts of, benevolence.

resodance n; a shared sense of energy, rhythm, flow, and coherence, starting from 2 people(residents), in an, in-sync, ‘resonating’, consonance,

 “on the same wavelength”, setting, a higher, vibration frequency; a resodance, tone, of togetherness, and a balanced flow of relationships, causing a ripple effect, chiming, climate, wave, towards a more connected, global, community, of resodance  

When a frequency is created by any other object in the neighborhood or ‘residence’ of the original object, the original object responds to that frequency by re-sounding or “resonating” with an empathetic, communal, connection. But if you take out the, ‘EM’(EMitting of resodance) in Empathetic, we are left with, ‘pathetic’; a communal, residence,

lacking harmony, or 'dissonance'.

Having a resodance, is central to the divine, as well as human wellness, based on a system of energy centers that effect wellbeing.

Resodance is the consonance in a, residence, in which two or more frequencies combine to create harmony, resonance occurs when the wavelengths are exactly the same; that is, when two wavelengths of similar frequencies come together as one. This merging into a single amplified wave is described in physics as rhythmic entrainment: sound waves that emanate from vibrating bodies merge into single, amplified waves when they are vibrating at similar frequencies and thus result in resonance. Whereas resonant waves are defined as having attained a state of, rest/peace/joy>love


dissodance; the dissonance, or lack of, resodance, in a residence 



reso; to pray




To raise

resa c

1.                 travel, a journey

lycklig resa!

bon voyage! good journey!

2.                 trip


1.                 to erect, to cause to stand up

2.                 to erect a tent

3.                 (reflexive) to sit up, to stand up

4.                 to reopen a case in court



reso; to return


resa f (plural rese)

1.                 (militarysurrender

Synonym: capitolare

resa incondizionata ? unconditional surrender

2.                 return

Synonym: restituzione

resa dei conti ? (please add an English translation of this usage example)

3.                 (economicsyieldproductivity

Synonym: rendimento

4.                 reckoning


reso past participle of



1.                 (transitive) to give back, to return

Synonym: restituire

2.                 (transitive) to yield (a return etc)

3.                 (transitive) to render

4.                 (transitive) to send or make

5.                 (intransitive) to be profitable








1.                 (anatomyeye


Example use

why do I love this place so much?

Because youre in the presence of, resodance, people resodating....


Word came from

resonance + residence