17 Sep 2020



twubie n; a ‘twitter newbie’, no longer a ‘twirgin’.




Example use

twubie told,

before I was a twubie… I was a lonely  twirgin…….never had any kind of twexual, disquisition, twexcursion……..

But now i twill…. And not only, it twont be twithout twearing my Leposi, pocket full of twosis, covid, twalon, twask.. 

 I twomis to tweligiously twear, twondoms!

you don’t even have to ask,

but I must twinsist, that you keep a twafe, twocial, twistance,

and to, twease, at all twimes, twear your twask,,,,unless you twant twump to twin again, twicking your, twother, twucking, twass, twice!, then twust me, you twont be needing a twask, youll be needing a Cuomo-sapien-twentilator, twevice, but by that twime, twife as you know it, twill end, rather twickly, as you twasp for your, twast, breath of twair……..

Word came from

Twitter + Newbie