31 Aug 2020



kenarkelpeesrat spantrosed from the award winning Dutch word, kraenkelsesparatt

kenarkelpeesrat(ken-arkel-pees-rat) ; word used to prevent, a ‘counter-productive reaction’, to perceived slights and insults, in a situation where someone is, ‘easily offended’ you would say,

“kenarkelpeesrat!”; don’t be too quick toKrænkelsesparat’ (take offense); think before you act

kenarkel>knowing, ’ken’, when to, ‘ark’ up, the emotions inside;

peesrat>to consider the peaceful(pees) route before we, ‘kraenkelsesparat’, ‘ready to take offense’, too soon, giving into a rat, which can turn one into a rat, from making a big, misguided, judgment, mistake

kenarkel-peesrat; think before coveting, something or someone too soon



Ken; to know

Middle English -Belizean Creole



pees; peace




Example use

dude!  ‘kenarkel-peesrat!’,!!….. don’t let them push your sensitivity buttons!!, you always take things the wrong way… you’ll be sorry!

Word came from

kraenkelsesparat; to take offense