31 Aug 2020



arduable spantrosed from adorable


arduable adj(ar-do-able); double adorable, more than just adorable, someone so adorable, one would ‘do’ anything for them

arduable; dua(2) extremely adorable beings, at the same time, next to each other, side by side, as either friends, or romantic couple, or married


aroofable; an inaccessible, untouchable, out of your league, double, adorable, ‘arduable’(figuratively, so hot your arduable is on the roof, as, ‘aroofable’) until, the aroofable knocks on your, adorable, then shes, arduable, and attainable, as long as you let her in your adorable







1.                  ardor

2.                  passion

3.                  glow


ardor enthusiasm or passion.

Example use

bro why did you give her your only phone??!!….


Because shes so ‘arduable’, Id do anything for her, I couldnt help it, she’s the highest ceiling of adorable one can find, in fact she’s so hot, she's on fire, sittin on my roof,…..  ’aroofable!’ .. but as soon as i howl and bark like a damed dog, ‘roof roof roof !!’,  she knocks on my door, back to being, arduable, aroofable no more!! 

You are-gullible!  insane you mem'brain'~!! 


Word came from

adorable + dua(2)