16 Aug 2020

chalk to you later


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chalk to you later!"careful, heads up bro..I'll 'chalk' to u later!" >The newest, USA, ‘warning phrase’, to end a conversation, recognizing the huge increase in gun purchases, shootings, and drastic spike in homicides across the country, whereby saying, ‘chalk to you later’, based on statistics, infers that there’s a good chance you may be seeing that person, as a chalked outline, later, if they’re not careful  

 CHALK; "Careful, Heads up, watch yourself, Talkin your walk!" ,,,  else ill just see you later, in da, 'chalk!?'....

chalk to you later! literally > "careful, heads up bro..talk to u later! Chalkin to ya!!

 hey chalk to ya!!

Ya chalk to ya too!!!



Example use

Yo bro waz up?


Still living the American Scream, in, "Chalked ahh Ridge"… thinkin about jumpin off a, Tallahatcie bridge… cause I don’t want to get shot!


 At least you're able to ‘scream’… count your blessings….


 Ok, ‘chalk to you later!!’

"Ya.. chalkin to you too, be careful!!

You know, you really chalk too much, you worry me to death...

....you chalk so much, you cant catch your own breath, you just, chaaaa aaaa aaaaa aaa, chalk.. too.. much!!!...

ok then... get a 'walkie chalkie', so we can, chalkie walkie..., chalken, on the walkie talkie!!... turkey!!!,.....


Word came from

talk to you later > seeing them later as a chalk outline if not careful