30 Jul 2020



spike-liever(spike-leever); a confirmation biased believer; a very immature, credulous, culture creature, who would ‘spike-lieve’(believe) everything they, read or hear, from, others, rumors, on the internet, and tv, inclined to just accept without testing, especially if it supports their particular ideology, political leanings or narratives 

spike-lieve v; to believe things(aka via, confirmation bias) one wants to believe because it aligns with one’s personal, motivation, identity, ideology/political beliefs, and so does not look any further to find out if the rumor or news is really true or not  

spike; A sharp peak in a graph.

liever; lief (comparative liefer or lieversuperlative liefest or lievest)


Example use

Hey, did you hear about the newest corona virus spike?!!


No, what happened?!


Apparently, it’s the biggest SPIKE ever!!! In fact, the spike got so big, they say, ‘Spike Lee’, has it now!

Oh my!!, ya, I can believe it, it’s getting bad!!


Don’t be such a ‘spike-leiver’, man!! I’m only joking!! 

Word came from

spike + believe