30 Jul 2020

bungle up fancier


"bungle up fancier" spantrosed from "peaceful burning"


Flag burning is a form of peaceful protest sanctioned by the 1st ...

bungle up fancier n; euphemism for, a ‘peaceful burning enthusiast”

A bungle up fancier, is from the ‘moxie of morons’, usually, performed by, far-left, anarchists; an antifa, fancier’s, most passionate hobby, which is to bungle up a peaceful protest by burning things, and then act as if the burning either, never happened, or by reveling in the fact that it did happen, but taking no responsibility for it.


‘bungle up fancier’; a ‘peaceful burning’, is reminiscent of George Carlin’s take on the ‘oxymoronic’ phrase, ‘civil war’




fancier; Someone crazy about something can be called a fancier

Example use

So what are you doing these days, still spittin on bugs!!??

No, I burn bugs! and now Im a 'bungle up fancier', so I burn buildings now too!. Before, if I bungled up a job, I would get fired, but now, I  get fired up, bungle things up, set things on fire, never get fired, and keep on doin it until i retire!! 

You're retarded!!

Word came from

peaceful burning