29 Jul 2020

Squeamous And Skabies



Cartoon: Democratic National Circus

Squeamous and Skabies n(phrase); a Don, the Lemon, CNN, network show, with usual, guests, is like, watching a, sit-conned, tweaked, version of a, fake, 'Amos and Andy', Circus, mess, at best,

where CNN makes fun of half the country, then complains that it is divided, providing no real news, with the in-"Tent", only to jest;  

famous for making people squeamish(squeamous), and if one is able to make it through watching all the skunky, smelling, CNN, ‘Circus, of No, News’, doo-doo, the, ‘Men on the, ‘flying’, crap-eze’, will make you sick, until you're flat on the floor, like being bit by a skunk with rabies, until you can’t watch it no more.     


“Still, this goes back to “Lemon”. Wilson and Ali were brought on as guests and, while they are the ones who said it, the responsibility is on Lemon to maintain some level of control, respect and professionalism. Bending over and laughing until you cry while being oblivious to what your guests are doing was not a good look for Lemon. It was an even worse look for CNN”.

skabies; a skunk with rabies; or when one watches and or listens to something that is so bad, it smells (as if a skunk were to spray his junk mace in the face) making one very sick like some rabies case

Example use

Why do you think, CNN, who never got over the election loss to Trump, turned into such a, squeamous and skabies, ‘Circus”?

Since they couldn’t make in the ‘big time’, they went for,

‘Big Top’…  so now their, fake news clowns,

in-“Tent”, has purpose, to them, for the rest of us, it's just a big flop!

Word came from

squeamish + famous + skabies(skunk/rabies)