25 Jul 2020

hiden by a bear


Russian State Media Freak Over Joe Biden's Election Resurrection

hiden by a bear(phrase); aka “hidenation”; one who lacks the confidence, to face, a ‘nation’, and loses cognitive skills; a 'beady brain', because of 'hiding by a bear' in a cave for way too long,  in a deep, sleepy, hibernation.

hiden by a bear, is a phrase that describes someone who may be able to win something, at least, ‘by a hair’, but since they’ve hidden themselves from the entire nation, like being a scared little cricken(Corona virus chicken), in a dark cave, as if he was, ‘hiden by a bear’, he won’t be aware, until he finally comes out of his deep, long, sleepy, Hidenation, when its way too late, making the excuse that the race, ‘just wasn’t fair!’  



beady brain; bird brained, stupid in an annoying way, very small brained, not too smart

Beady eyes are universally seen as lacking allure so should generally be avoided.



After watching the following short clip, how could anybody vote for a guy this hip?  






Example use

Whats the first thing you say to someone who comes out of a ‘Hidenation’, ‘hiden by a bear’??


That’s easy!! You just say,

“Hi beady brain! You lost, not because the race wasn’t fair, you just weren’t all there because you were always in Hidenation, ‘hiden by a bear!!’


But then his retorted reply, 3 months after coming out of Hidenation, would be;


“Hey there!!! I may be slow and beady brained, “hiden by a bear” in a cave, not so brave, but its only because I don’t like to fight, like some, ‘War-on Beady’ dude, against a guy I hate, whose not only got more, energy, flair, and hair, he’s always ready in the ring when Im not there, cause im, hiden by a bear, and even though I admit doing it, it just doesn’t seem fair!    

Word came from

Biden by a hair