04 Jul 2020



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canninabus; aka; a Colordo/Canadian/Dutch oven, canninabus, ride, where one, actually, ‘can’-in-a ‘bus’, or in any 'traveling mobile, legally smoke, their, ‘we can breathe’, weed, inside.

The thick, smoke filled, canninabus, cannabis, tradition, is of a kinder-fine art, where with the bus/mobile windows all closed, no one worries about a measly bogart, as a bus full of, canine, snoop-dog, smokin, ‘passing-ers’, can each take, many generous hits of deep breaths, like a, powwow, lone toke, all you can, breathe, Amsterdam, kush-fest, inhaling the 2nd hand smoke, like cooler, kinder, folk, while listening to, ‘cypress hill and tone-loc’, all hitting it at the same time, in the bus, getting extra, double dutch stoned, without any fuss, is what sets the Colorado/Canadian-Dutch oven, canninabus ride, so far apart, from the boring, USA bus rides and American pastime, of smelling nasty, Dutch oven farts, where grant it, no one actually dies, but it may explain the pandemic of brain damage that causes the murderous, mass shootings, fake news, and all the teenagers who are compelled to bang their mom’s, warm apple, pies.    


Example use

Hey, how can you explain the fact that American teenagers bang their moms warm apple pies, but teenagers in weed smoking countries like Amsterdam have yet to follow the same passtime?

Because unlike a nonsensical, reefer madness culture like usa(except for Colorado) in a legal, canninabus, culture it makes people not only have a healthier, munchie like appetite, it also makes them stoney tark smarter,  for example after taking a canninabus tour/ride, theyd first spread the apple pie generously across their girlfriend's, clean, naughty body, which enables them to eat and bang their sweety pies, the way it should be 


Word came from

cannabis + bus/mobile