29 Jun 2020



Spantrosed from dysgraphia


pydrahgsia n; a, ‘Put You Down’(PYD), RAHGSIA, affliction/mental problem, reputed to be the worst, most, debilitating, disorders of them all

pyd-rahgsia, is a, ‘Positive Youth Development’, inhibitor, usually found in extremely insecure, jealous, hateful, bully like, people who act all, ‘hoo-‘rah-rah!!, as if they have a, PHD in bla, bla, bla!!, but all they got is a, ‘PYD’, the affliction called, pyd-rahgsia!

pydrahgsia; can also be a, self-inflicted, Putting ‘Yourself’ Down, disorder; one with very little self-confidence


RAHG; Regulatory-Ad-‘Hog’-Group; an ad lib, down and dirty bunch of, ‘snobby, mean, hogs’, who impede progress, wasting everyone’s time  

rahg; a snobby, hog  

rah (Britain, informal) A person (especially a student) with a posh accent who looks down on those who are "common".

SIA; Student, Intentionally, Asinine


PYD; Putting You Down, PUTS YOUTH DOWN= Putting Yourself Down

‘PYD’ by itself means, Positive Youth Development, Or

Partners for Youths with Disabilities, but with the suffix, ‘rahgsia’ added to PYD= ‘pyd-rahgsia’, one afflicted with, ‘Putting Youngsters Down’, inhibiting, positive, PYD


PYD; Person You Detest

PYD; Park Your Derriere’;

dysgraphia; a writing disorder



Example use

Why is that person so rude, negative and big on himself?! Does he have some kind of PHD or something??

Much worse!! He’s got a, PYD!!!..... in a severe case of, 'pyd-rahgsia'!!!

Word came from

dysgraphia; a writing disorder