26 Jun 2020

hearsing gnomes



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hearsing gnomes n; thousands of very short, gnome-mobile, hearse drivers’, prepared to pick up all the predicted, 2nd wave, corona fatalities from, ‘nursing homes’, the latest, Cuomosapien, corona merchandising, stock pile plan  


Example use


“Mr Cuomosapien, why did you hire only midget hearse drivers, for your, new, “hearsing gnome”, project, isn’t that racist?


“Well, my cuomosapien better half and I prefer to call them, ‘gnomes’, because I give the poor little, out of work fellas, free hats and gnome-mobile-homes…. And it’s not about being racist, it’s economics, with gnome drivers, it’s only costing us half!

ReporterBut the Corona death rate has gone way down lately, arent you jumping the gun???!!


CuomoDon’t get short with me!! What are you.. a gnome??! You can never be too prepared, plus now we finally have a place to put all the unused, ventilators, ive stock piled!!!.... in the back of the hearses! And my Cuomosapien brother says, it’s brilliant, and he really loves me a lot(and so does Biden, even though he’s still in hidin), so I don’t care what you saypien to me, good Biden!!   


Word came from

nursing homes