19 Jun 2020

bobby shtick


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bobby shtick n; the newest policeman’s weapon,no need for guns,just carry the right, shtick.

a bobby's shtick; a way to handle and defuse a potentially dangerous situation 

bobby shtick; the most important piece of officer safety equipment ever; de-'escalation talk', from one who is specially trained to disarm suspects wielding knives, guns, and foul language without using a firearm; a plethora of tactical options; the kind of training Chuck Norris dreams of

bobby;a british policeman               

shtick; a gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc. associated with a particular person; a person's special talent, interest, or area of activity.




Over the first eight months of 2015, American police killed 776 people, while British police killed exactly one. American police are eight times as likely to kill a citizen, and ten times as likely to die on the job, as their essentially unarmed British counterparts. Of course most American are already armed and dangerous.



Example use

Hey Nuck Chorris, where's your guns??

I dont need guns, i carry a very big 'shtick'!!! And believe me, my 'bobby shtick', will break any prick!

Oh ya!!?? Lets see it!!

You asked for it!! Ok Bobby! Hit It!!!

I Was A Cop In A Country With No Guns: 6 Startling Truths

Word came from

bobby stick + shtick= bobby