17 Jun 2020




spantrosed from 'derogatory'


 MedMen EMBER | The Funniest Stoner Scenes On Film

tedrogatory adj; calling out the obvious, A hy'dro', stoned, “Ted’s”, derogatory remark; criticism from a concerned, but stoned, friend who is usually right.

A Tedrogatory remark can be just as critical, disrepectful, painful, and brutely honest, as a derogatory remark, but it comes from trying to be helpful, like real 'Ted' friends who tend to engage in rowdy, or explicitly naughty, behavior, while being hydroponically, stoned


TED; Tactically Explosive Detector 



teddy boy (plural teddy boys)

1. (historical, Britain) A young man who wore clothes supposedly characteristic of the Edwardian period and tended to engage in rowdy behaviour.

Example use

Ted; "Sorry you lost your job! But how could your boss say, your pot smoking habit makes you less motivated!!!?? Heck! Youve been to Taco Bell 12 times today, he's an idiot!!!

Mark: Thanks as usual for that 'Tedrogatory' remark

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