15 Jun 2020



spantrosed from 'piquant'


peecan’t; full of, ‘piss, and ‘windeagar’; eagerly, full of ‘wind, but no vinegar’


peecan’t; from one pretending to be full of positive, exuberance, bravado and vitality, aka, full of ‘piss and ‘vinegar’, at first, but then after getting what they want, ie an attorney getting paid, they abruptly change directions, becoming, disgustingly, ‘fiss’; densely, ‘full of piss’, and fart, breaking wind, gone old, unable to do anything other than being irritatingly, ‘piquant’, hurtful, scathing and cold, full of piss, but no vinegar.



peeqant; reactive, arth-wrongness, disease (wrongness, not Reiter’s syndrome), can’t pee, can’t see, can’t climb trees, because so full of nasty pee and feces   

Example use

Why hasnt your attorney called you back

Because he is peecan't!!!

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