28 Apr 2020



Remember when Jackie Chan had a condom commercial? - GIF - Imgur

bondomste n;

(exclamation/respectful greeting, ‘bondom-stey’);namaste” to a, ‘full body, corona virus, condom’, AKA, “bondom”

bondomste; (figuratively)as a full body(translucent/

imaginary) condom,  not for any virus protection, but as a, deterrent against all the Corona-Virus-BS(CVBS)going around


Example; if one encounters a ‘cricken’, a corona virus, paranoid, chicken, one who is practically wearing a full body, ‘con-dumb”(bondumb), it means the dumb dumb, actually believes the corona virus ‘con’ game

Example use

Mr Bondom

'Yo, bondumbste!!(translation> 'namastey away from me! you paranoid, corona virus chicken(cricken)!'

Mr Bondumb('bondumb' wearing cricken) 

'ya, bondomste to you as well!(translation> 'ya be safe, wear your bondom'..... but why arent you wearing your bondom now sir'?....

Mr Bondom;

'I am wearing a bondom, you just cant see it, its translucent...' 


Word came from

bondom + namaste