14 Apr 2020





'Tawmeh' was spantrosed from Mathew



Tawmeh; the new, ‘Matthew’; unique and extremely blessed,  created from spantrosing, ‘Matthew’, then adding ‘Tim’; 3 names eternally, bound and connected within

 There are 1, 091, 867 Matthews in the world

  But, there is only, one, ‘Tawmeh’, the first son of, ‘Matthew’ whose father is,

 Tim, a powerfully fortified combination of ‘3’, of the highest blessings bestowed by, ‘Him’; a family bond as strong as the roots found in the magical Yew tree which is considered to be the most potent for protection against evilagainst thee 

   taw; a favorite person; beloved



is for Tough, for you are not easily broken

is for able, for you surely are.

is for warmth, the glow of your friendship.

is for mighty, your inner strength.

is for easy going, no ruffles here.

H is Heavenly





T- Tim aka, Tough as a 'Timbomb' 

AWM; Arctic Warfare Magnum. it is an arctic warfare sniper rifle variant that chambers a 300 Winchester Magnum , in a 5 round magazine, more powerful than other AW variants See AWP. It's the same thing.




EH; Excellent Health

EH; Energetic Heart

EH; Endless Harmony


EH; Emperor’s Hammer

EH; Elite Hunter




eh (first-person singular past tense ehaparticiple ehur)

1.  sharpen

2.  whet

3.  hone (metal-edged tools)







Example use

Sexy college student

‘Hello. You must be new, what’s your name??



 ‘Hey, I’m ‘Tawmeh’ !’


Sexy college student

“Wow, great name, and so unique!



‘Thank you!, ya, actually im the only Tawmeh in the world, and contains the same letters as in my father's name "mathew' and the 'T' is for Tim, my grandfather.


Sexy SC

“Really!!!?? Awesome! What’s Tawmeh mean?



‘Well, ‘tawmeh’ basically means ; to sharpen, hone, or make, 'whet', reaching dreams, ‘living’ with a spirit, as if, the ‘life’ of your soul, never ends,  

taw, means ‘to do’, ‘to make’,  ‘ to secure’ as well as a ‘favorite person’, ‘true friend’, and one who will pull you through anything through thick and thin,  giving you just the right support and push up any mountain to reach your dreams …….helping inspire, living a life with a spirit, as if the soul, never ends   

Sexy SC; 

"Take me home Tawmeh!!!"

Tomorrow or today??!!

Ohhhh Tawmeh......Today !!! Today!!!. ohhh tawmeh!!






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