08 Apr 2020

pucker sunch


‘pucker sunch’ spantrosed by


‘sucker punch’


MRW Mom Tries to Kiss Me Goodbye in Front of Friends - GIF on Imgur


pucker sunch n;  'sucker punch' a virus to smitherines

via having, ‘sunch’(lunch with the Sun); ‘Sun kissed’; an unexpected blow of 'heat', via, beautifully, vibrating, UV, Ultra-Violet, Virus killing, rays of the sun(in any outdoor place) for at least 16 minutes, is like a lethal, ‘sucker punch’ to any sucker virus face  


pucker sunch v; ‘puckering up, to kiss the sun’(sunbathing 16 minutes or more per day) is a devastating, kiss goodbye, sucker punch to any sucker virus that may come




“Heat kills any virus it depends on how high of temperature, for how long, humidity conditions,” Dr.Orient said. “So it does kill coronavirus I’m sure just like other viruses.”

wavelengths of light  kill flu viruses suspended in the air.

The radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from making more copies of themselves.


When scientists analysed hospital admission records in Brazil, they found that the number of flu cases tended to go up during the burning season, when there is more smoke in the atmosphere from forest fires and the UV in sunlight is diluted.

artificially produced UV-Corona has become a staple method of sterilisation – one used in hospitals, airplanes, offices, and factories every day.



UVC is now on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.


Example use

"Hey, how bout some 'sunch'!!??

Ya im up for some 'pucker sunch', lets go get us some! Cant wait to sock that virus to smitherines, dust it, right back out to 'F corona' space, come, kindom come !! "


Word came from

sucker punch