31 Mar 2020



Coronateen; quarantined in a private room with plenty of preferred cold beveridge. ie Corona, Dos equis(2 X's) etc making sure she's at least 18(valid ID required if Coronateened within the US)

Example use

Mr Rocona  "Hey there ms sminky looks like youre running rather hot!! I think you need to be Coronateened!!

Sexy Sminky  "why? what did i do?"

Mr Rocona  "Nothing yet......we need to get a private room and some cold rona first...i promise you, ITIL cure anything

Sminky "Bring it on mister Rocona!!""

Mr Rocona ; "Ok,,, "Do you Got any ID??"

Sminky  "ID about what?? I got no ID about nothing!!! I never went to skoo...


Word came from

quarantine + corona + teen