15 Mar 2020




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quoronatine; aka ‘self-quoronatined’(or Corona-tine)

to quarantine oneself from any ‘bad, ‘corona’, energy’, such as any person who would believe everything they read or hear, especially from the media or news, then kick back, relax, kill a Corona by giving yourselves a brorona, finally, admonish all the, dirty, ‘rona’, by saying,

‘leave me the hella-lona with all that dang, ‘flang’ flu they call "corona", its all a bunch a frikin bologna!!!!


quo or ‘quoth’; to say, or ‘admonish’,ie admonishing the, ‘rona’> the ‘grime’, ‘the ‘sludge’,  the ‘meanness’, the ‘grudge’ and their ‘dirty tricks’


roña f (plural roñas)

1.    dirtgrime

2.    rust

Synonyms: herrumbreorín

3.    meanness

Synonym: tacañería

4.    mange (disease)

5.    grudge (against someone)

Synonym: ojeriza

6.    trick



tine; tiny, fire, affliction



2,600 died so far from corona virus……. In 2020 there have been so far 13 million influenza cases, and 6,600 died


The percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza also increased from 6.0% to 6.9%, but remains below the epidemic threshold


 As of Wednesday, Chinese authorities report that nearly 6,000 cases have been reported, including 132 deaths. That's a death rate of about 2% -- roughly similar to that seen with the, ‘flang’ the ‘dang flu’


There are reported to be some 1 billion influenza infections worldwide each year, with up to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year, tens of thousands of U.S. deaths, and 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide.




Influenza has likely been around for more than 2,000 years. Scientists say the “novel influenza A viruses” in humans lead to a pandemic approximately once every 40 years. But, again, flu vaccines exist. “The flu has been with us since the birth of modern medicine,” said Adalja.


Hippocrates of Kos, the Greek physician who was born around 460 BC, mentioned what we now know as the modern influenza virus in his writings, some historians say. He called it the “Fever of Perinthus.” Others wonder whether this was flu, another illness, or a combination of illnesses.

Example use


Cuoronatine enforc-her

"Excuse me mam you look like you need to be quoronatined!!  R u at least 18?"

Sexy 18yr old

"Yes I am. But what did i do?"

"Nothing yet,,,, we gotta get some Corona first then we'll need a room...its for your own safety"

"What should i tell my boss and friends?"

"Tell them youll be tied up for days, quoronatined."....


Word came from

Corona + quarantine