13 Mar 2020



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elbrona; short for, ‘elbro-rona’, a brorona, corona, conscientious, ‘elbow bump’, for greetings, and farewells, or for when ‘scoring’, for the win’, against any opponent or evil enemy such as the corona virus, 'crapaganda', aka, ‘flang’; the ‘dang flu’, as in, just another, dang, damed flu! season is all it is!


 elbrona; 2 sharing joints, while killing Coronas

elbow; the joint between the forearm and the upper arm.

elbro;  ‘joints’ shared between the bros

elbro; hero; spirit, Angel, 'roast guider', much closer in spirit and true grit, to you than would be a typical, 'ghost writer'; more structured and technical as well as  getting a different perspective....




The meaning of the name “Rona” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

·  Hebrew meaning: My joy

·  Scandinavian meaning: Mighty power

·  Scottish meaning: The name of an island

·  Celtic - Gaelic meaning: The covenant or oath




elb; acronym for ‘Et Le But!’(‘and he scores!!’, ‘for the win!) Urban Dicionary





NA; North America/ Never Alone


Example use


two dudes drinking beers.. 

Dude!! Watch this!! Ok, first, give me an "elbrona"!!....... Ok, Now, let's go ahead and finish our beers, down em fast!!!....... Ok, now, you know what we just did brother!!?


We frikin shared 2 joints, and killed Coronas!!!

we're frikin heronas!!!






Word came from

elbow + bro + Corona