21 Jan 2017

Domdatre plun


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Domdatre plun! (dom-dot-trey-ploon)

Domdatre plun n; dominant dater and builder of things; to flourish like the palm tree, 'three' times a charm

"domdatre plun!"; as a toast or cheers, or between couples on their first dates for luck

domdatre plun v; no fear: to live like there’s no tomorrow, go out and ‘plun’, have ‘plenty of play and fun time with poon’(Lord Almighty); date as much as possible in order to increase your chances of success

Domdatre plun; denotes a mantra, an idea that regardless of past failures, whether in business or relationships, as long as you don't quit and keep trying, you will reach the pinnacle of success

domdatre plun; prudent modal; to flourish like the ‘palm tree’ with ‘style’, wisdom, good judgment, common sense, and shrewdness

Domdatre plun; most alpha of males; self-confidence, success, moral and physical strength

By ussing a, "domdatre plun" mindset is similar to how in the film, Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray finally decided to 'let go and have fun playing', 'doing what he loved over and over again until he got it so right', he 'triumphed' and pulled in his soul mate



denoting a state or condition.


datre; date, fruit of the palm, "three"

plun; plenty of play and fun with poon(God) at your side



  1. lord; master
  2. image of a saint


















Example use

Bro youre on fire! this is your 5th date this week!

Domdatre plun bro! youre never gonna meet anyone if you stay home alone, its really hard to find that right one person in your life so you might as well have fun with all the wrong ones until you meet the right one!!!

 That actually makes sense!!

Symbolic Palm Meanings

  • Honor
  • Truth
  • Value
  • Vitality
  • Warmth
  • Fertility
  • Expansion
  • Protection
  • Aspiration
  • Attainment
  • Unification
  • Resurrection
  • Singleness of Purpose



"The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree," said the psalmist (Psalm 92:12). And there is very good reason why that tree should be taken as a type or picture of the righteous man; there is also excellent reason why the prominence of the palm tree in the prophet's vision should picture the truth that man's goodness is the fair and excellent result of much communion with God.  

Domdatre plun resembles the sacred palm tree in terms of:

ITS UPRIGHTNESS. Some trees are irregular, they are twisted and tortuous in their growth; some hug the ground before they rise; but the palm rises straight toward heaven, it stands upright among the trees. Like "skyscrapers" or "Like some tall palm the noiseless fabric grew." The good man is well figured here; he is the man who does not stoop, who does not bend and bow earthward, who stands erect, who moves in one heavenward direction, who is governed constantly by true and abiding principles. And these he gains from God and from his house. There, in the sanctuary, he is sustained in his principles, is reminded of them, gains fresh inspiration to illustrate and adorn them.

ITS FRUITFULNESS. The palm, as a fruit-bearing tree, bearing a fruit which is remarkably nutritious - for the date will sustain life for a long time, without any other kind of food - is an admirable picture of the righteous man. He bears fruit; he is expected to "bear much fruit," and fruit of many kinds: excellency of spirit, - love, joy, peace, long-suffering, etc.; worthiness of life, - consistency, blamelessness, practical kindness, etc.; earnest effort to do good, - patient, prayerful endeavor to awaken the slumbering, to elevate the fallen, to comfort the sorrowful, to encourage the feeble, etc.


ITS BEAUTY. The palm tree lends a great charm to the landscape when seen standing in clusters upon the heights against the sky; and its evergreen foliage makes each particular tree an object of beauty. The righteous man is he whose character is fair, excellent, admirable. When he is what his Master calls on him to be, and what he actually becomes when he seeks the strength and refreshment to be found in communion with God, then the more he is observed the more he is admired. Those qualities are found in him which are "lovely and of good report;" he is unselfish, pure, considerate, open-handed, patient, brave, loyal, loving. His goodness, like the foliage of the palm, grows not near the ground, where it can easily be soiled and lost, but high up, where lower things cannot damage or destroy it.


IV. ITS ELASTICITY. The fiber of the palm is so elastic that, even when loaded with considerable weights, it still grows determinately upwards (see Smith's 'Dictionary of the Bible'). The good man may have much to depress him and to hamper his growth, but if he "dwells in the house of the Lord," he will rise, notwithstanding all that would otherwise check him, to a noble height of virtue and of piety.

V. ITS ULTIMATE TRIUMPH. It does not promise much at the beginning. "It is rough to the touch and enveloped in dry bark, but above it is adorned with fruit... so is the life of the elect, despised below, beautiful above;... down below straitened by innumerable afflictions, but on high it is expanded into a foliage... of beautiful greenness" (see 2 Corinthians 4:17; Hebrews 12:11).






Still dont know where Domdatre plun comes from??





















Word came from

Donald Trump = the 45th President of the United States and is the only president in history with failed marriages(3) vs Ronald Reagan's(1)

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Domdatre plun baby!! Three times a charm!! Keep doing it until you get it right!! Try! try! tri-umph!!




















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