27 Feb 2020



ratsenprancy spantrosed from transparency



Image result for rats and prancy pants obama cartoon

 ratsenprancy n; a ‘deep opaque fake’, far from being transparent; lead by a ‘prancident’, a ‘prancy pants, president whose precedent was being able to make people believe he and all his vermin, under him were transparent


precident n; a president who creates some kind of precedent, good or bad


prancident; a president who prances around like a good, doctor doolittle while actually doing very little but leaving a country with mostly negative, the worst precedents ever 


Example use

Prancident Obama certainly started a precedent as prancident!

What was that?

It was all just swampy, muddy,  ratsenprancy, definitely no transparency...

Until the most Trumpmendus, Trumpsparent, real transparency administration and president came along!


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