04 Feb 2020



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Das ‘drachenfutter’

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frachendutter v(frack-hen-dutter); ‘fracking dragon’, ‘piece offering’, where the ‘duty’ is to ‘frac’(fulfilling one who may have ‘cracked’) when one is late to get back, in order to release any angry fumes, and to prevent a nasty attack

  frachendutter n;  a more, intimate, kind of, ‘drachenfutter’



frack (V) to fill a crack with high pressure fluid resulting in the release of natural gas.

      Frac; euphemism for words of copulation


dutter; duty + dutten + lover= dutter


Lower Sorbian


1.                  past passive participle of du?;  to blow, producing an air current




dutten; from middle dutch to rage, be out of ones mind, be unconscious > ‘doze’ 



das drachenfutter

The literal translation of Drachenfutter is 'dragon fodder'. What is the meaning of Drachenfutter? It refers to a gift, either physical or in the form of a favour, which men give to their wives or girlfriends to say sorry for staying out late.Jun 9, 2014




Example use

Husband; Honey sorry im late, how about a ‘frachendutter’!!



Wife; Bring it on!!


2 hours later…..



Wife; honey!!! you’re so fracking good to me!!!


Word came from

drachenfutter; german, dragon food