30 Jan 2020






spantrosed from the existing word



omsophubia n; uber ‘phubing’; glued to a hand phone for so long, not only lowers one’s positive, ohm, highbration, it also portends an effect just as tantamount; a drastic reduction in libido drive, and a much lower, sperm count, aka; ‘imphontency’




omsophubia is an ‘Output Mood’, so ‘phub’, that ignoring others by focusing on a hand phone, gives the appearance of one who is more afraid of social, interaction and intimacy than just being, snub nosed rude












verb: phub; 3rd person present: phubs; past tense: phubbed; past participle: phubbed; gerund or present participle: phubbing


1.  ignore (one's companion or companions) in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile




OM Output Mode


OM Oh My


OM;Old Man


OM;Old Miss


OM;Offensive Mood


OM; Ora Masalah


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