28 Jan 2020




kewcea spantrosed from the Indonesian word,










kewcea adj(koo-che-ah);pleasantly, surprised by anything. ‘kew’,(kewl/kool>'koo') especially when expecting, disappointment with something or someone, prejudged negatively  






kewcea n; ‘kew’; Kool, Effective, Whiz-banging, of Careful Expectations, Approach




An approach, or way of thinking that combines having high expectations of oneself, by doing everything possible to reach(like a kinetic, expectations, whizbanging weapon) a target or goal, while at the same time, moving with stealth like care, to generally, have no expectations in life, which opens up a narrow perspective for a more spontaneous, flexible, and creative, problem-solving, open mind, as well as a life filled with fewer disappointments      



Example use

Hey how was your date?

kewcea!!! much better than I expected!


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