24 Jan 2020

bukeh oohmor



bukeh oohmor!(bu-keh-ooh-mor); antonym to‘ok boomer’


bukeh oohmor is a respectful reply, or exclamation of admiration, for any, ohm vibrating, ‘bipper’; an uber-kool, open minded, ‘fly’, boomer/zoomer, ‘zipper’




bipper n; boomer/zoomer, open minded, ‘zipper’, girl or guy; entertainingly awesome, uber-kool(kind + cool=kool, not ‘cold= cool’), extremely traveled, intelligent, talented, quick witted, and humorous, boomer-zoomer


bippers; baby boomers and millennial, zoomer, ‘zippers’, who connect well, getting along




bukeh oohmor is used positively, in contrast to the trending, derogatory, ‘ok boomer’, sarcasm of disrespect


   bukeh; a compliment or expression of praise,


(figuratively) as a bouquet of flowers or sweet-scented wine, ‘gift of appreciation’ for a, any uber-kool, boomer-zoomer,






oohmor; encore, request, for more, humorous, conversation/entertainment, from an uber-kool, ‘bipper’(boomer-zoomer; a fly, ‘zipper’)   




oohmor; praise, or love for extremely traveled, intelligent, quick witted, talented and humorous, bippers (boomer + zipper)




bukeh: exclamation/request for a, bipper not to go, to continue 








buk; a kool, very well read, and travelled,  'bipper' bro  






eh; whet;  (transitive) To stimulate or make more keen




bu; non gender specific term of endearment for a close friend, or short for bru/bro, friend




keh; from ‘ kai’ 'gaudere' which means to rejoice






baby boomer (plural baby boomers)


1.    A person born in the postwar years (generally considered in the United States and other Allied countries as between 1945 and the early 1960s), when there was a marked increase in birthrates throughout the Western world following the return of servicemen at the end of World War II.








A label for Marijuana or Cannabis. Derived from another slang term for Marijuana; cone. Historical development from cone to cooooone to keeeeeen to keh.
Can also be used in a plural sense, lets get keh, as in lets
get high.












/u?/ us


an expression of surprise, pleasure, approval, disapproval, or pain


Example use

Indonesian; Hey om do you like Indonesia because its cheaper and theres a lot of women

bipper boomer; no, because Indonesia still has 750 languages and the people know how to be happy living within their means like Bonyok Indah which is better than any Pondok indah

Indonesian; bukey oohmor!!! betul sekali!!!


Word came from

'ok boomer'