22 Jan 2020





spantrosed from the existing word




hobnomie n; aka ‘IDHM’(I Don’t Have Money) a good friend, but one who always has ‘no money for 'mie' (noodles or even crumbs from bread), just the shelter and food from his moma’s home, and a twin sized bed,


A hobnomie is similar to a ‘bonhomie’, best friend, but rarely looks for a job, and has no problem or shame, hobnobing with other bonhomie, friends who pay for everything

hobnomie; hobo-hombre, 'no money, for mie', money sucking, weasel-bum, friend

hob; A male ferret; a weasel; To gain something for oneself by clever or devious means.


HOB; Hombre Out of Bread


HOB; Hombre Owns Bed


NOMIE; No Money Im Empty


NOMIE; No Money for Mie


HOB; ‘Homee-Bro’, still lives at home with mommy 




nomi; to suck











Example use


Rany calls Neb;  Hey Neb, it finally stopped raining, wanta go to an outdoor festival, itll be nice and sunny? 


Neb; Sounds great 'bonhomie' but I have no money!!

Rany; It's ok! You may be an IDHM, hobnomie, but youre always so funny, and youre never a phoney!!


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