15 Jan 2020



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dynopepiah n; The practice of manifesting dreams into reality, via subconscious, self-hypfocused, ‘dyno’ power, dreaming



Most successful people use some form of ‘dynopepiah’  before falling asleep via fantasizing about their dream life


 dynopepiah was created by spantrosing the existing word;  ‘hypnopedia’ which means to teach or learn via subconscious means


  dynopepiah requires that prior to falling asleep, for one to focus on visualizing reaching goals, seeing oneself doing things that will help manifest dreams into reality




Focusing on making successful, ‘dyno’ like, ‘climbing, flying, moves’, dynamic, jumping maneuvers to reach, ‘tasks and goals’, ‘holds’ that cannot otherwise be reached, so that by seeing, focusing and dreaming the actual completion of attaining the goals, via bold dyno moves, sets a biological footprint in your nervous system as a final destination and eventual manifestation






Practicing, dynopepiah, helps one to wake up refreshed, with more, get up and go, pep and fire insight, inspiring to ‘dyno climb’ even higher, since whatever we focus on will always expand, it’s like having a magic, hypfocused, pocus, wand in hand,


(as long as one doesn’t give up the dynopepiah) that can manifest, any out of this world, fly you to the moon, final frontier, ‘focused dream mission’, into a fantastic, fruition    






dyno; dyno (plural dynos)


(climbing) A dynamic climbing move or jump to reach a hold that cannot otherwise be reached.


a rapid move across a rock face in order to reach a hold.






pep; energy


Chinook Jargon


piah; fire






Greek form of Egyptian Djhwty (reconstructed as Djehuti), which is of uncertain meaning. In Egyptian mythology Thoth was the god of the moon, science, magic, speech and writing. He was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis.


iah; the moon in Egyptian Mythology






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