10 Jan 2020




acknomplish v; to ‘acknowledge’ all you’ve ‘accomplished’, in or order to help fuel your, motivation to move forward, dreaming on to what you truly believe, can be achieved.

And then nominate yourself an achievement award, and celebrate because you didn’t quit, you believed

This will associate, fun, excitement, and positivity with your accomplishments so you can enjoy the ride, like a, happy, ‘drimo liver’, relaxed in the back of the, 'Cadillac', instead of being the, stressed out, ‘limo driver’, on the verge of, a 'heart attack', racing on to the next destination, way too fast, risking, energy and creativity, burnout out, a journey, pace that won’t last   


Example use

In a bar somewhere in Texas, USA

Why is that guy so happy, what is he celebrating?

He's, 'acknomplishing' the fact that he has survived another year in Texas without getting shot by some gun toting nut case


Word came from

acknowledge + accomplish