07 Jan 2020




tasba n; tas, tebal banget, tari‘rockin the taspa sanggat!!... rockin the taspa barang besar!! "Bad Ass' bag of goods, oh my astaga, nice to finally meet you, tasba, apa kabar! 

tasba; a ‘bad ass bag’ of goodies, opposite of being ‘short changed’, a great deal, a healthy heap or pile of anything good


tasba; surprised by getting something more than what was expected; way more than enough, such as a big tip, or big portion of anything, including love hugs and kisses



tasba; jumlah tip serius di luar biasa





‘basta’ which means, ‘way enough’ in Italian Polish, Portugese, and Spanish was spantrosed to create the new word, ‘tasba’




TASBA; The Amount Seriously Beyond Average  






tass; a heap, a pile>tumpukan, tumpukan


An Oriental silk fabric, with gold or silver thread.








tas; bag






1.    tas; heap, pile


2.    (colloquial, dialectal) thing




Cremean Tatar/Tatarta?;


tas;stone; rock




tas; gem, stone


ta?mak (third-person singular simple present ta?ar)


1.  (intransitive) to overflow, run over, to spill over


2.  (intransitive) to boil over


3.  (intransitive) to gush, effervesce








Borrowed from Egyptian b?,


ba; (Egyptian mythology) A being's soul or personality, represented as a bird-headed figure, which survives after death but must be sustained with offerings of food.


Haitian Creole


ba; give




ba; plural of bo; cow






Example use

Honey im home!!




Tasba, tasba!!! Wow, you got a lot more than I expected!




Ya, tasba tasba thick as shiba! rockin the tasba!! I wanted to surprise you, tonight you are my masta, happy anniversary baby! Got you on my mind……that’s why I came home fasta with a nice, tebal banget, tasba and bottle of wine………sorry if im too much tonight,  maybe a frikin, ‘basta’…. But I know you like rockin the tasba!!!




Mantul!! mantap betul!! But Just don’t drink too much bb, is all! I don’t like to get ‘muntal’ at all, remember that’s when you fall??




Oh ya ‘muntal’ means mantap dulu, tapi ada  ‘muntah’ betul….  I don’t like to muntal at all like a bego fool, … but mantul is cool…




Word came from

basta; enough