02 Jan 2020




jahndelasan; (see, ‘jahndel’)

janda(widow) + jahat(evil/bad) + bandel(naughty) + alasan(excuses)

A very capable single parent who always gives excuses as to why she cant try any other occupation, so her justification and reasoning keeps her stuck at what she really wants to do, as her solution which prostitution  




jahndelasan; a jahndel so full of ‘excuses’(alasan) she won’t even try doing anything else, so she does everyone else(for money)instead


A jahndelasan cant admit being addicted to her ‘job’, enjoying what she does, so she gives excuses and all the reasons why she cant quit and try something else





Example use

Quit being such a jahndelasan!! stop with all your alasan, excuse after exuse! try to be honest for once!

jahndel; Ok ok!! i love what i do!!! There!! You Happy?

Ya....ahhh...ok... that's.....good....ahh but, wow! hmm, thought i knew you....i wasnt really ready for such quick, eddi tonsil like, honesty....... so long dong!! 



Word came from

jahndel(bad whore) + alasan(excuses)