15 Jan 2017



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plurt; to plurtake in playful, polite flirting; when the flirter already knows the flirtee 'aint free', as in, 'already taken', but regardless, the two happily plurtake in the 'plurting',  until the plurting can't go any further, it actually starts hurting  

plurting; flirting with disaster usually ending with someone getting hurt

plurt; when the flirting turns into cheating and hurting

plurtake; to partake in "plurting"







Example use

hey dude did she just lift her skirt??!!

ya and i replied with a plurt!!

Why didn't you keep it going, why were you so curt??!!

Because it started to frikin hurt, that's her boyfriend over there dude, be on the alert, she's just plurting!

plurts sooo good!!







Word came from

flirt + play + hurt so good

Image result for flirting that turns into hurting cartoon





by truble