31 Dec 2019

Bonyok Indah



‘Bonyok Indah’ n; More ‘beautiful’ than any Pondok Indah/Beverly Hills 

bonyok indah is a phrase coined in Jakarta, Indonesia that denotes the beauty found in a family who may not be ‘materially’, rich, but, certainly displays an abundance of, ‘kayin’, vibrational, ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, happiness, rich(kaya)within, character and spirit(ka), that goes way beyond any kind of extravagant, opulence or, styling, simply because no matter what, you’ll always find, ‘Bonyok Indah’ people, smiling




Since a bonyok indah family already has the bare essentials, clothes, food and a roof over the head, happily living within their means, any increase of disposable income would have just a small, insignificant influence on their already strong, and stable sense of wellbeing and happiness




‘bonyok’ comes from the blending of the Indonesian words, ‘bokap’(husband) and ‘nyokap’(wife) combined with, ‘indah’(beautiful)






Bonyok Indah, yakin, ‘kayin’….




kayin; rich inside (kaya dalam) a balance of ‘ka, yin and yang’; finding love and happiness within oneself first, trusting there will always be enough because the essence of kayin is learning how to live within one’s means which assures that no matter the circumstances, rich or poor, one is yakin, ‘sure’ to be, kayin, happily ever after, forever, like Egyptian turtle doves, their ‘ka’(soul) never dying  




kayin; To have shelter, enough food to eat, elements of the natural world, an internal balance of ‘ka’ ‘yin and yang’, real stability and power, then no matter what, rich or poor, with or without ones, yin or yang, sweet heart, ‘honey bee’, is sure (yakin) to make one richer in happiness than anyone in Pondok Indah could ever be






kaya; rich, wealthy


yakin; sure






yakin; trust, believe






Min Nan


Borrowed from Egyptian k?.




ka (plural kas)


1.    A spiritual part of the soul in Egyptian mythology, which survived after death




ka (POJ, traditional ?, simplified ?)


1.    family, household


ka (POJ, traditional ?, simplified ?)


1.    turtle dove; Turtur orientalis


ka (POJ, traditional ?, simplified ?)


1.    scissors




ka (POJ, traditional ?, simplified ?)


1.    to raise; to increase; to add; plus






1.    yes


2.    certainly, absolutely


3.    naturally, of course




It forms all or part of: caress; charity; cherish; Kama Sutra






It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit Kama, name of the Hindu god of love, kamah "love, desire;" Old Persian kama "desire;" Latin carus "dear;" Old Irish cara "friend;"




yin (uncountable)


  1. (philosophy) A principle in Chinese and related East Asian philosophies associated with dark, cool, female, etc. elements of the natural world.


Example use

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Word came from

Bokap(husband) Nyokap(wife) Indah(beautiful) Indonesia