23 Dec 2019




ngentuk adj(ngen-took);  mojo melt down

when one gets too tired to do it again, you say, ‘nge’(no way, 'ngentuk'!!), because youve lost it, too exhausted, too, ‘tuckered out’ to start your, ‘ngen’ again, it’s already come and gone, there’s no ‘doubt’, you cant go another bout, so one must take a break in order to mend, the power driving energy force, called, ‘ngen’  


ngen; The name Ngen evokes desire, confidence and vivacity but when you cant perform for some reason such as being too, (tuk or tuckered out) your ngen becomes 'ngentuk'


NGEN; Not Good Enough Now (only when, ‘tuk’ is added, at the end of ‘ngen’+tuk=ngentuk


ngengine; nookie generating-power-drive, engine


tuk; short for, ‘tuckered-out’, ‘very tired’






nge; surprise or doubt; an expression - usually of disgust or disapproval






Example use

husband; nge, nge!! No way, i lost my power driving ngengine, unable to do it again!!!

wife; why honey, whats wrong!!??

husband; 'ngentuk baby!!

wife; you really need a backup 'ngenerator' honey, youre always ngentuk!



Word came from

ngantuk + ngewe(sex)