21 Dec 2019




jampai (informal, from the Bahasa Indonesian phrase, ‘sampai jumpa’> ‘see you later’; but, ‘jampai’ can require an answer, to ‘see you later’, ie, ‘ya, but when and what time/hour(waktu/jam) shall we meet again?”




jampai can also be used with someone you really like, such as a ‘sweety pie’, girl or guy, letting each other know they hope to meet each other very soon(JAM; in ‘Just A Moment’, I hope) or can be used for any imperative situation/business/family/social etc where one must meet someone again as soon as possible 








JAMPAI!! Just A Minuite, sweety pie!


JAM; Jelita(beautiful) Agung(great)Muda(young)




JAM; Janda(widow) Agung(great) Muda(young)




JAM; Just Ask ME; as in ‘what time’(jam berapa), and Ill be there




JAM; Joy And Music, Jump And Move




JAM: Just A Minute


Just A Minute (chat) JAM. Journal of Applied Mathematics. JAM. Just A Moment.






Any of several maneuvers requiring wedging of an extremity into a tight space.


 jam; (Britain, slang) luck.


He's got more jam than Waitrose.


1.    (slang) sexual relations or the contemplation of them




From Malay jam, from Sanskrit ??? (y?ma, “time”).




Javanese also Bahasa Lindu




jam (plural jam-jam, first-person possessive jamku, second-person possessive jammu, third-person possessive jamnya)


1.    hour (Time period of sixty minutes)


2.    clock (instrument to measure or keep track of time)




pai; pie










1.                   good


He iwi h?m?rire te M?ori, he makoha, he aroha ki te pai.


The M?ori are amiable people, placid and love that which is good.


2.                   excellent


3.                   suitable


4.                   nice


He maha hoki ng? whare kua kitea e au he whare nunui, he pai a waho ki te titiro atu, ko roto ia he pai ke atu ng? wharepuni.


And there are many houses that I have seen that are large with nice exteriors to look at, but inside the sleeping houses are even better.


5.                   pleasant








pai; woman






Sranan Tongo


pai; pay




Tok Pisin


pai; pie


Example use


Boy; jampai, sweety pie!??




Girl; hmmm, ok, how about jam(hour) empat(4 o’clock)?




Boy; mantap, lap-top, on top, non stop!! It'll be a great date!




Girl; ok, sampai jumpa, i already got the ok from mom and pop, but they said you must  give me your new, lap top....   


Word came from

sampai jumpai Indonesian word blended to make jampai